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First time watercooler...

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Mar 17, 2002
Phx, AZ
got my 1.6a to post at 2940mhz (184x16), got in to windows at 2.80ghz with res temps of 8c, while in windows the cpu temp was 25c as my room temp was 27c...
i'm not a Pentium user but that seems like an awesome overclock. congratulations - and on your first water journey as well!
i also got my xp1700+ (crappy AGKGA) to post at 1913mhz @2.2vcore on an EP-8K3A+
so what kind of watercooling are you using exactly? pump, waterblock, etc... got any pics of it?
its home-made except the WB which is mcw462-u, some pics... (sorry about the quility) the pump is some submer pump that i found at a local fishtank store its rated at 150g/h at 0ft only was 23bux so i said what they heek...
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running without a case for now then?

how'd you get res temps of 8c? drop ice into it?
yea in those pics it was not in the case... it now is but i dont have pics, sorry... it looks nice and clean. and yes ice cubes (u can see em in the res)
what do u mean w/o water? u mean aircooled? i had a AX-478 w/ SF II and i could get 2.60ghz 100% stable but my cpu temp was like 45-52c (i live in arizona) my room temp at that time was about 30-32c... and they are now 24-28c. the highest i could get to post on air was 2.7ghz and i bet my temps were about 55c (just a guess)
Albigger said:
i'm thinking he actually meant without ice, but just typed the wrong word... :p

HE HE ya thats what I meant. Sorry, its been a long night. But if you want you can see what the temps are without water, It would be intresting.
another water cooling user......I just cannot stand air cooling any more......it always gives me above 60*C full loaded after overclocking, motherboard reaches 70*C full loaded.

but I have no idea what to do in order to set up a water cooling system


could you please show me what exectly you bought and used for setting up this water cooling system?

If possible, please show me the links and the model numbers of the stuff you bought and used, and also the process of setting up it.

oops when i get home around 6-8pm mount time ill explain everything... btw this whole projects cost was less then 85bux usd