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First time watercooling: Playing with Leufkens Watercooling rigg

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Dec 18, 2000
The battle born State
This is my first endeavour into watercooling. I therefore elected to order a kit, rather than hunting down all the parts individually. I prefer this approach, though it may be a little more expensive.

I ordered stuff from Tom Leufkens before (e.g. a peltier kit for a PIII that just wouldn't hit 133FSB, but then was convinced #:eek:)). His gear is very well thought out and just as well built, and this applies to the Watercooling kit as well. A generous tank, made from aluminum - not plastic, with integrated very silent pump, a beautiful and functional waterblock and a very decent radiator - of course I ordered the big one which allows use on a 12cm Fan, but which is also a little more difficult to store inside the case. I ended up attaching it with magnets on one of the side panels.

Set-up was surprisingly easy. Just preassemble the whole thing, add a little antifreze and water, and you are off to the races. Installation was rather easy too, thanks to a nice bracket that attaches the waterblock to the CPU. The smaller cooler would have had the advantage that it could have fit in the back of the case. Only thing a little tricky is to determine the correct lengths of the tubes, given that the case door with the radiator has to still swing open.

My 1.1 AVIA TBird was previously chilled by a GW BWK38 with 42CFM Sunon 80mm fan, and at 1.91V it provided 1370MHz and typically ran at 43C under load. Due to a misaligned voltage regulator (its off by 0.12V) my Iwill board for up to 1.97V (in the 1.85 setting). I never used the remaining 0.05V, since the CPU just seemed to become unstable, and 1370/161x8.5MHz is a nice CPU speed FSB stability compromise.

Well I am glad to report that now I can run 1417/157x9, and the temperatures are down to 40/41 C despite the fact that I increased the voltage.

The nicest effect is may be that the noise is down quite a bit. Though I still have to employ case fans, I have nothing smaller than 92mm fans now, and through the use of variable resistors I am able to adjust noise and output power.

A big thumbs up for the rigg. This is such a nice set-up it will remain in my case for CPUs to com...


P.s.: I did this upgrade yesterday and totally missed my "promotion". Thanks guys I'll continue to earn it.
donnie (Apr 08, 2001 03:01 p.m.):
Congrats on the promotion and the new watercooler.

Thank you Donnie - that cooler is really great, was able to take it up another MHz now doing 1423 for 20 hours or so :)