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First time with VB

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Mar 17, 2002
Chicago IL
hey everyone, i just got into a vb class at my college, i am way behind seeing we just had midterm.. but i was wondering if anyone knows of any sites that could help me out alittle more, like what code does what and stuff like that... thanks
For the low low price of $10.11 per line of code. Me and my buddy can help you with your VB :D

In all seriousness though. If you need help with a specific task or event let me know in a PM / email / AOL and I’ll try to help you out. The two of us are also taking VB in college this semester and we are code warriors!
I've spent a great deal of time building business applications in VB and ASP, so if you have a question I may be able to help you as well. I also know quite abit about database connectivity. Good luck with the class.