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Fitting Material

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Jun 25, 2001
Hi, i am putting together a nice water cooling system together for my new system. I have all the parts, a danner 700 gph pump that i have sealed up like on procooling.com(awsome pump), black ice radiator, new style maze 2 waterblock, and a resivoir that i made from those underground electrical boxes. I have also decided to go 1/2" for the entire system. I know all the different fitting peices that i need(ie the thread to barb adapters and such), but i dont know which material i should get. Is it all pretty much the same, or is there a best one. I have it down to nylon, polypropleyn(something like that), and brass. I would prefer the plastics over brass because they are cheaper, and better resistant to corrosion and chemicals, but i am not sure. Any input would be great, thanks
I would go with plastic.

The brass is stronger yet corrodes and will cause adverse reactions with your radiator and waterblocks (galvanic corrosion). And is probably more expensive.

The plastic is cheaper, doesn't corrode, yet is weaker. But seeing you are going 1/2" I don't see you having that much pressure going through the system.
Thanks for the advice, i was leaning towards either the nylon or polywhatever myself just wanted to hear somebody elses thoughts on the matter. I will prolly post my pics when i get this whole thing done, its gonna be awsome.