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Fixed why my CPU was so dam hot

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
ok.. i did what hoot and the others told me. i removed the heatsink cleaned it, reinstalled the bolts makeing sure everything was tight and reapplied some thermal grease. i took off all my fans and lowered the voltage down to 1.65. i am now running at 37c and i think i know what the problem was. I have an enermax 430 power supply that has a fan directly above my cpu almost touching it. that whole area was hot until i unplugged it. whatta you know .. not only is that thing heating my system but its also keeping me from overclcoking well cuz it aint supported by AMD( read this problem at cluboc). I still plan on getting some artic silver and the card cooler xt along with some delta 60mm fans . let me know what you guys think.
Artic silver is a good investment. Instead of adding more fans, I'd go with a watercooling setup. I tried fans for about 6 months at various positions, speeds, etc and never got really good temps. Water is definitely the way to go. See my sig for details.
The most effective case cooling is often the most simple. Card Coolers are a joke. Lots of fans, blowing every which way is not the best solution either. In one end, out the other, or in the blow hole, out the other two. Use as much fan muscle as you can fit. In most mid-tower cases, you have front and a rear knockouts for 80mm fans. Pretty hard to get more than about 30-40 honest cfm of through-case ventilation with a pair of 80s. You can nibble them out to 92mm and get an honest 55cfm of through-case, or lastly, you can install a 92mm or 120mm blowhole fan above the CPU blowing in and then dedicate the two 80mm knockouts to both exhaust. That results in a split case flow. In the blow-hole, out the rear and front. Water Cooling is the ultimate solution.

watercooling is indeed the best option, but also the most expensive and potentially dangerous.... i'd read a lot of articles and forum posts first,,,, me, i go with an aircooled case that moves over 250+CFM heh heh :) not that loud... certainly no louder than my delta...