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Flashing BIOS changed my temp?!?!?

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May 2, 2001
Hi everyone, I have a 1.2 ghz Athlon on an Asus A7A266 mobo. Before I flashed my BIOS, Asus Probe said I had 46 degrees idle @ 1.4 ghz. Now, with the new BIOS, I underclocked it to 1.33 ghz, and it is telling me I am getting 56 degrees idle. Did the BIOS change the reporting of my temp? How can I be sure which is the real temp? Thanks
Also, I set it to the default 1.2 ghz, and I am getting a reading of 53 degrees celcius idle. Is it really possible to be that high with the standard HSF? I need input.
Asus boards are know for having tricky temp sensors, my asus goes wacky once in awhile...try using a temp monitor and comparing the temps to your bios...if there off, subtract the difference and thats what you should set compensation to in the monitor....
it's perfectly possible that a change in bios changed your temps. bios effectively controls your cpu, and if it has the cpu running cycles when it wasn't with the older bios, then it will idle hotter. i've seen temp changes when changing the bios on my a7v. the temp is likely to be as 'real' a temp as motherboards can provide without an on-die thermistor.

a lot of people see temps like that with high-end tbirds and cruddy hsfs. those birds throw out well in excess of 60w, and smaller hsfs just can't cope. i'd suggest that you invested in a really good cooler for your processor. so many hardware sites are doing hsf round-ups now, it's really easy to find info on coolers. read the main page as well.. i trust joe's hsf reviews more than anyone else's!

Did you say your using the stock hsf, i would say you need to upgrade that first of all. Cant explain the temp changes though.