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Flashing BIOS on R9 280

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May 7, 2021
I would like to flash bios on R9 280 because the clock and voltage is currently locked, the problem is there are 3 bioses available for my exact card (Gigabyte R9 280 Bioses) and only 1 of them has the same memory type with everything else matching (second one on the linked site with Elpida memory type) so in theory I think there is no chance of bricking the card, right? Also I found out that the only bios that checks out everywhere is the same version as the one that I have now so will it even unlock the clock and voltages? If not what bios should I look for?

GPU-Z: Screenshot Link


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Dec 19, 2012
I see you've gotten around with this question.
I would try what they suggested here https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/750148/flashing-bios-on-r9-280/#entry5179595
I would take it a step further as well. Uninstall MSI AB, Uninstall the driver, and then run DDU to remove all traces in the registry.
Then install the driver and MSI AB again.
When you swap graphics cards there are always traces left behind. I'm not surprised that MSI AB isn't working properly and the method above should clean that up.


Jan 12, 2015
Stay calm everything will be okay :)
Use gpu-z to save your bios version before messing with it. You will need to also download AMD bios editor VBE7. This will let you modify the GPU bios. To flash new bios to card you will need atiwinflash.
Download a r9-280 bios from techpowerup web site to mess with if you do not know how to save bios. It’s a huge list of things to do on flashing your GPU bios that me and this iPad will not get into.
There’s tons of references/how to’s out there /on here about flashing a video card bios..
IIRC - Gigabyte locked later versions of their WF3 HD-7950’s - the r9-280 is the same GPU.
MSI AB only works on well known VRM IC’s.. chil82xx for example. Do a google search on your video card and see if others have been able to Overclock it.
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