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Flashing the Radeon LE Bios

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Feb 5, 2001
After reading Stevels post about this I decided to start another thread concerning this matter since I sent out the Radeon bios files to a few people.

I too saw that my 3dmark scores increased to about 2900 after the flash.
I continues to play Tribes2 and have absolutely no problems with FPS. I decided to try one of the beta drivers and ran 3dmark2k1 and got a 2700. I thought, that's okay since others reported deminished scores. I decided to just go back to the 7075 drivers.
A couple of days ago I decided to download the latest Radeon Tweaker and try to oc my card more. But first I decided to run it without tweaking and got 2700 again. Just to test it, I enabled hyper-z on the tweaker (which I already thought was enabled with the flash) and got 2988. That's with no overclocking. I realized that hyper-Z never was installed or was not on since I changed drivers.

Others on rage3d have claimed the same so I am back to using the tweakers in enable hyper-z and overclock the card. I guess flashing the bios was pretty much useless then.

Too bad, it sounded like a good idea at first.

Doesn't sound good. I didn't "re"- enable hyperZ. I'll try that and see what I get.