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Floppy drive problems...

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Oct 11, 2003
I think there's something wrong with my floppy drive or my mobo's floppy connector. I was installing a round floppy cable, and I bent one of the pins on the mobo (it was the corner pin on the bottom right, though I don't think it was pin 1, maybe pin 20 or 40). I straightened it up, as it didn't break off, and I connected the cable again, but now my floppy drive's not working :(. The LED lights up and I can see my drive in windows, but if I try to access it it says "Please insert a disk into drive A:". I've tried accessing it both from My Computer and by trying to save to it, but it just doesn't detect that there's a disk in it. Is there any way I can fix this? Can I get a part of a paperclip or something and try to solder it on? If I can't fix it, do they sell IDE floppy drives or floppy drives that don't use the floppy connector (not a USB or Firewire drive, because I want to be able to boot from the drive)? Please Help :(


Sep 30, 2001
England, UK
Make sure that the cable is seated properly, and that the connector is in the right way around, not all floppy drive cables have the little notch in so they only go in one way.

If the cable is seated correctectly then the pin is probably damaged right at the bottom and not making proper contact. It is possible you could solder it yourself but you would have to be pretty handy with a soldering iron.

You can get IDE floppy drives but the thing you have to ask yourself is, is it going to be worth it, and do you really need a floppy drive. I know I never use mine anymore the gettign more and more obsolete although I must admit they do still have the occasional use.