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Floppy drive probs on the k7s5a

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Does anyone here have probs w/ their floppy on this board? I read another post a ways back where someone had a unresolved prob w/ their floppy: Floppy runs continuously. I unpluged my floppy drive when i could not fix it. Now I want to flash the bios but of course I need the floppy drive to work....
1) Did you try to reverse the direction of the conector?
2) The a: drive should use the conector near the twisted piece of cable.
I fiddled w/ the connectors today..no luck..the floppy still wants to run constantly. I thought I read in another post about this same prob on this mobo. I could just be that my floppy drive has "Had the biskit". Any more ideas...and BTW, I am not sure I understood your suggestions. As far As I can tell and referring to the manual as well, all is connected as it should be. The floppy worked fine one day, than I put in a new cpu and unplugged some of the cables, including the floppy, to better get the job done, reconnected everything and upon boot up discovered that the floppy was no longer working.
I really want that new bios so that I can O/C this board....if the floppy does not work how else can I put the new bios in?
Recheck the floppy connector on the mainboard.
One of the pictures(diagram) in the manual is somewhat in error.
Look for the PIN #1 designation on the board as a guide.
why not try flashing from the Hard drive?

create a folder named


download you new bios files to THAT folder.
uncompressthem if they're zipped and make sure you've got the correct files for YOUR motherboard.
Also make certain you have the flash utility as well.

SO if I were flashing my board(k7s5a w/lan) this is what I would ahve in that newly created Bios folder...

ovk7s5al.rom<--this is the 010911 bios released 9-13-01(*you may substitute the bios you prefer ;) *

Ok now reboot your system
F8 while booting then select to boot to command prompt

Ok now that your at the command prompt type

C:\CD\bios -press enter
C:\Bios\ <--is now ready for typing the bios file names

C:\Bios\aminf329.rom ovk7s5al.rom -press enter

Of kors if your not able to boot up to flash this way due to the floppy problem ....Good Luck ;)
Now that was cool Tithulta!! I did not know you could do that.
Good news is that I got my floppy working finally and it is not a fault of the MOBO!....basically you have to reverse the ide cable and plug it in upside down to the mobo, unlike the other cables that are right side up. ...so it is my fault...and I did "RTFM". So now I am off to get that new bios.
Ummmm...any one here do that already (flash bios)and can you hold my hand why I give'r a go?

My current Bios is: 1.21.06

What next.....?
is there a thread around here w/ instructions on how to flash the k7s5a?
There is a BIOS flash guide on the front page. Another great source of BIOS info is www.wimsbios.com . Tihulta's instructions on how to do it from your harddrive are basically what you need to do from your floppy. What OS are you using? If Win9x, you create a bootable floppy by going to drive A:, format, and "copy system files only". If you are using XP or 2000, go to www.bootdisk.com , and download the Dr. DOS bootable disk. It is an executable, you'll be prompted to insert a floppy after you double click on it. Then load your BIOS file and flash utility on it. Then reboot, making sure that drive A is your first boot device in your BIOS. Then just follow the prompts.