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FO3: Point Lookout. Thumbs Up

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Dec 1, 2007
Near Toronto Canada
I've been blowing through the DLC in fallout 3.

Point lookout is definitely a cut above in my opinion. It's all pretty good. None of it is really any better than the main story in my opinion. I would have prefered more content in the main map vs branching off to other little maps (ie, pittsburgh, point lookout, the mothership, etc) which really don't feel like part of the same game, but regardless.

At this point, my favourite is Point Lookout.

It's a really gloomy, swampy place infested with, essentially, "mountain folk". They're buck toothed (if toothed at all) hill billies with double barreled shotguns and they can take quite a few high powered rounds to the face I tell ya..

There's also some very cool psychadelic trip walking upside down on trees/there's metal stuff alive in the ground/ did I just get high on that Punga fruit stuff in there. Very interesting addon.

Like the other expansions, it features weapons you can't seem to find elsewhere. In The Pitt you get the AutoAxe, which is a useful Melee weapon.

In Point Lookout you get a 10mm Lever Action rifle. It's accuracy is similar to the 32 caliber hunting rifle but it has a little bit more power, loads slightly faster, and has a higher capacity before reloading.

It's worth the boatride to Point Lookout. Even if it does cost 400 caps. You can "get" :beer: that back from a shopkeeper right away after you step off the boat.

FO3 Game of the year EASILY features 100 hours of gameplay if you do everything. I've done 1 and a half of 5 expansions and 90% of the main quest. I have about 30 side quests yet to do and 3 expansion packs.

Currently over 30 hours.

The amount of CONTENT in this game is absolutely rediculously massive. If you just played back every single voice clip from the gazillion individual characters (not including the common spoken one liners, like "Get back to work") you'd have probably about 20 hours of audio.

I don't understand how you even put a game this big together. It's rediculous. It's so big it escapes comprehension from a consumer's standpoint. As the content producer I'd lose track after modelling the vault megaton and rivet city- and that's like third of a percent of the game, if not less-

For anybody who hasn't checked out the FO3 GOTY... it's really worth the money. You're paying like $0.65 cents on the hour for unique gameplay experience all the way through with fresh dialogue and everything. It's pretty great really... It manages to not become lame too with all that story. A little rediculous sometimes, but not lame.

I also appreciate the freedom it gives me. "I didn't like paying you 1000 caps for that." BLAM!!!
Now you have 'that' AND 1000 caps. Good stuff.
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