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Folding for pete_scout

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Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
I noticed Pete was getting low so I put my PS3 on him...where it will stay for now.

I know several of us wanted to keep him in color.

I don't remember anything being organized, so may I suggest we take turns?

Then it won't be as much work, I think the idea is not how many points he gets just that we keep him in color.

I have been keeping an eye on his name in case the folks that were on him had to take a break. So now its my turn....I'll keep him in color for the next several months.

We could have a sign up. A month at a time or what ever time frame makes sense. If a rig goes down and we need to be covered we could PM someone on the list to take over.

It would be more of a Team 32 thing this way and sort of show how we all felt about the guy.:grouphug:and how we group together.

Does this make sense?:eh?:

If folks organized privately already let me know. I would like to help out.


Senior Fold-a-holic
Sep 22, 2004
I don't think there's anything "official" with Folding for pete... but, I think doing so is a great idea! :)

Maybe work it out on a quarterly basis... planning ahead any further may be too much. I think three people per month, that way if someone has to drop out there will still be two backups. So each quarter we could have 9 people "sign-up" to Fold for pete.

Just thinking out loud... I'm not volunteering to organize anything. :D


Senior Golfer
Feb 25, 2004
That would be fine. We can use this as a sign up thread.

Tho I was thinking its more taking turns to make it a Team effort then one of us actually to be unable to provide coverage.

Any one of us probably has multiple clients at our disposal.

You think there are 9 of us to volunteer? We wouldn't want any one to feel obligated. Just to do it out of compassion for a lost member.

I could always be available for coverage for vacations and such.

Its a small thing really.

PS3's are good for the job.... slow but steady.:)


Folding Team Content Editor, Who Dolk'd my stars S
Mar 31, 2005
Stealing your megahurtz at night
I have done some thinking over the past days since this was posted, and I am not only going to fold under pete_scout for one week at the end of the CC, but I am going to do it annually. Every year from now on, as long as I am folding, I will switch everything I have to his name for one week, on January 8th to remember such a great asset to this team.

I posted this up when ChasR first posted up about Pete's passing last year. I still stand behind what I said, and may even go for 2 weeks instead.

If this is something that goes official, let me know Dave, and we will start working on something for the front page.


Mar 3, 2005
Central MA
Sounds like a great idea! I remember pete from a long time ago, he helped me out quite a bit and I was shocked to hear of his passing. When I get everything up and running stable I'll contribute to the cause for sure.