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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Good day to you all. Lets start by acknowledging that we are still being chased by one single team. It's a different team from last week though which shows our stability and consistancey. This week we are being chased by Alliance Francophone. Presently, it will take them nearly 9 and a half years to catch us. We don't make it easy. Read that again. WE DON'T MAKE IT EASY to pass. Now picture Gandalf. "You Shall Not Pass!"

Francophone has 204 active members. About 5 times what we are fielding at the moment. Now thier top earner is earning over 40 million ppd. That's impresive no matter the team. While they are trending up, they have a points graph that looks more like a heart beat. It would appear that they are fitting in WU's between actual work loads?

We presently have 40 active folders fighting the good fight. We have three teams that we are looking to overtake. Two of those three we can take in just over 2 years. Like I said, we are the small team that can. With all of the things that the pandemic threw out of wack, Folding was no exception. Since COVID was put into the fold, teams and companies jumped in and brought resources much greater than we have seen before. It's a good thing. The fact that our dominance has been challenged is a good thing. But we are steady. We are reliable. We have consistantly crunched the numbers on many WU's. These flash in the pan teams are welcome and they are powerful but folding is not thier main goal. They have real work to get back to and we will regain our rightful spot by continuing to fold and earn.

The top 16 are all earning 1 million ppd or more. WhitehawkEQ is still our #1 folder in ppd with dfonda joining him in earning more than 30 million ppd. torin3 is close to 28 million with HayesK still out of town. When he returns, he will most likely get his #1 spot back. All of the top 8 folders are earning 10 million ppd or more.

We have Woomack just earning 30 million. Great job.
Some one just earned 300 million but EOC doesn't tell me who.

For our bretherin in the South, we look forward to your return to the fold in the fall. Stay cool and healthy in the meantime. Don't forget to use the summer to clean your rigs and prep them for a cold winter Fold. The rest of us need to keep the pressure on. The other teams too will drop in production. The key is that we need to produce as much as we can to take advantage of the slow season. That said, we too need to schedule down time to refresh our folding rigs/farms. So start planning your "refresh" and lets make sure that we can take out these larger teams starting this fall and into winter.
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Just a double post to say how awesome EarthDog is. This is for him. :lol:
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