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Folding More CPU Intense than Burn-In?

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Oct 23, 2001
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
When I am using Burn-In at %100, 100 times simultaniously at 154-156 FSB my system runs fine but if I am folding at the same FSB my system locks up nearly immediatly and I am forced to back off the FSB to 148 to run stable. My conclusion is Folding is definately putting a lot more stress on the CPU, but how would I resolve it in order to run at higher FSB? Would additional voltage help? I am currently at 1.85v and in order to get any more I would need to modify the board which I would rather not have to do but would conscider.

Anyone else experience the same problem?
It could be your memory holding you back, and not your CPU.

Your CPU is unlocked, so try running a higher multiplier and lower FSB. Try to assertain whether it is FSB holding you back, or CPU power. I imagine it's your CPU, though. 1.85 GHz out of an XP1600+ is better than most can get, without sub-zero cooling.

BTW, FSB doesn't affect folding@home. Only raw MHz matters.