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Folding nostalgia- remember when...

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Señor Senior Member
May 17, 2005
Close to the San Andreas Fault
...Walaka7 was active. He influenced me to come to OCF and join Team 32.

...when OC-AMD(2CPU.com) was World's top folder.

...when QMD work units were THE shnizzle.

This is a "chain" thread, so post up your "remember whens". :)


Sep 18, 2009
...when my P4 with HT was the folding MONSTER.

...when I first stopped looking for little green men to fold proteins.


Senior Member
Apr 12, 2004
....when Wedo threw down the gaultlet to a then newbie folder named ChasR and the Cheese and Guinness war started.
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Folding Team Content Editor, Who Dolk'd my stars S
Mar 31, 2005
Stealing your megahurtz at night
...when we all got a slew of Patty Melts for Christmas

...when EMIII was the folding monitor of choice

...when 1,000 PPD was huge

...when Wedo's One Click was the easiest way to borg a rig
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Sparkomatic Moderator
Apr 29, 2002
...I remember when WU points were still single digit range and took forever on my Pentium Pro duallie.


Senior Fold-a-holic
Sep 22, 2004
...when I was hardcore AMD fanboy. :D
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Folding/SETI/Rosetta Team Member
Oct 20, 2005
...when there were work units with names such as "tethered vesticle".


Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
There was only one folding client.

When WU's averaged less than two points each. :(

When your connection with Stanford could blaze along at 19.2Kb/second.

When FAH was small stuff, and United Devices was the large folding DC project.

I got ****ed off when another folder cussed at me (a new folder here at the time), in a post, and nobody said a thing. I left T32 and folded for MaxPC for a year and a million points. Took me months to figure out why this had happened - the cussing folder had re-edited his posts, so no one but me (who was on-line at the time he posted them), ever saw them. Sno sent me a PM later, which eventually brought me back.

"Patty melt" WU's were the bane of our folding lives, for many months. Talk about low ppd! :(

QMD WU's came out, with lots of points - but only for Intel cpu's. I had just bought two AMD cpu's and mobo's! :mad:

Nikhsub1 had a folding farm that was churning out WU's like crazy. Even today, he has completed more WU's that anyone else on T32 - almost 200,000. :shock:

Zim01 visited us (among other teams), to fold a million points. He was just about gone when the monkeys from MaxPC, egged him on with strong trash talk, just prior to the start of the Chimp Challenge between our two teams. So he joined us, and we crushed MaxPC, winning the CC - Zim01 being a large part of that. Zim remains one of the best teammates I"ve had the pleasure of folding with. His sig line:

"He whose ranks are united in purpose, will be victorious."

Zim showed us what that meant, at almost a spiritual level.

When the SMP WU first came out, we thought we were visiting folding heaven for ppd. You can easily tell who has been folding mostly SMP WU's:

For example, I'm #50 in points on the team - but only number #271 for the number of WU's folded. Only Eggbert and Surferseth have less WU's, and more points. Surferseth is the SMP WU King on the team, as far as I can tell, in the ratio of SMP WU's to other WU's.

Teammate Wizard James had a stroke, although just a teenager. Several teammates worked together to get him a computer he could keep and use, at his bed, as he recovered.

Nahmus had some custom team 32 T shirts made up, with a pirate theme. Aarrrgh matey! :D
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Sep 20, 2007
I Remember when Adak first Introduced me to [email protected] with Team32 only a couple of years ago, when I had my Old P4 2.4 then was Upgreded to P4 2.8 with HT and those low points ,

Then Adak Graciouly donated to me my First C2D E6700 setup to Which the Smooth-n-Fold Project was born, and PDD began to Rise with SMP SU;s

Thank you Adak for Introducing me to FAH and Team32 , the Folding Bug does Take over, and both Team and Science Prosper from it!!



Super Speedy Senior
Jan 18, 2003
I remember when I didn't have problems loading up os's or FAH apps...


Senior whose title will pier
Mar 17, 2002
I remember when we were gonna give up a team rank without a fight...

Those days seem to be long behind us ;)


Moderator #666
Nov 13, 2001
Remember glasslicker talking smack to ghettocomp.
-even about dumbster diving!!!

remember..... Silver got me started.
remember..... Team Tee Shirts.
remember...... Build Borg repete.
remember...... thumb drive Folding.

Remember those we lost.

...when I was hardcore AMD fanboy. :D

+1 :D

But remember we also have many good times ahead too.
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Overclockers Team Content Editor
Jun 17, 2005
I remember when I had a dual lv 1.6ghz xeon setup, clocked at 2.4Ghz, with HT. Running 4x5.02 client, plus for a while I had a celeron 2.4ghz running along side it. It was fierce competition between me and warrior for a while. He had the upper hand, but sometimes my dual xeons would kick *** if I got 4 QMDs :D