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Folding update.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
dfonda just earned his first 10..... wait for it... (I said wait for it)... 10 Billion! WOOT! WOOT!
superducky has earned 6 Billion!

Big numbers them billions.

BugFreak72 has earned 800 million.
slorch had earned half a billion at 500 million.

rafjr00 has earned 20 million.

Top 17 are earning 1 million plus ppd.

We have another hot day or two in the midwest but then temps drop to a more normal 72. F not C. Can you imagine? Get what you can before the true heat of summer arrives.

I added to my farm and if I get everything squared away, I should be making closer to 11 mil ppd. Heck, I need to stablize to get 10 mil ppd. Less to come later.
The AC cycled on a couple days ago, that doesn't bode well, am accepting lower PPD for the next few months. I am strongly considering going solar if the numbers add up.
Hit my goal of top-10 all time on the team. :ninja:
I might... maybe.... just may start to catch up to your ppd. Too early to say but what I can say is that you will not be outpacing me by as much going forward. Great job by the way.