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Fop-38 and a peltier?

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Dec 24, 2000
I have never used a peltier before and was wondering if it would fit in between my fop-38 and my duron???
Any help would be appreciated!!!!
Yeah, it will fit together...the problem will the heat generated by the peltier...any ideas on the power rating of the peltier you want to use and what you're going to use to power it? As well as the intended clock speed and core voltage?
I was thinking about using a 78 watt peltier running off my spare at power supply. I am using a duron 650 trying to hit the big "gig" mark, running at 1.85 volts.
All help appreciated. thanxz..
Its not going to happen with what you want to do...the HSF won't get rid of all that heat so the peltier will be very inefficent because you won't be able to cool the hotside enough...also your case temp will sky rocket too...you might want to think about a beefier HSF, with the speeds that you want to acheive I strongly urge you to go with water...its more expensive but its a sure thing for high watt chips and it can defiantly handle whatever AMD & Intel might put on the market (for a while at least)...
hmm....how bout a 52 watt peltier? I am trying to get the best cooling without converting to water cooling. I have pretty decent air flow through my comp with my PS externally mounted and 2 80mm fans where the PS was, and a 120mm fan in the front. Any suggestions are welcomed. thanx
air cooling with pelts is effectively useless on AMD chips now, their heat production exceeds what a reasonably sized TEC to heatsink combo can remove, you need a water cooling system to use a TEC big enough to be worth anything, basically any size TEC you put under that FOP38 will lead to eventual meltdown because either a. the TEC cant remove the chip heat fast enough or b. the heatsink cant remove the TEC heat fast enough. I'd stick with the plain FOP38 and be happy, you wont get much more speed out of even a radical cooling solution, and your temps should be fine with the FOP.
A coldplate on the cpu and then the peltier on the coldplate is a good setup...it increases the efficency of the pletier by maximizing the contact area with the peltier's coldside...use a copper coldplate since the the rate at which heat moves through copper is twice as fast as aluminum and you want to move the heat as fast as you can...
Hurley, with regards to the peltier.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I hate to be a party pooper, but at this point in the game pelts are pretty much reserved to the Intel CPUs. Even then, I try to dissuade people from using them.

I've had an external power supply, 100+ watt TEC(s), and water-cooling rigs. Conclusion? Get yourself a good heatsink (which you have) and be happy. You'll save yourself A LOT of time, money, and sanity. :) Believe me, I know. It took me more than a few hundred dollars and trips to various hardware stores to arrive at that anti-climactic conclusion some months ago.

Don't get me wrong. It was a helluva science experiment. I learned a great deal, but in the end I learned that some times you have to say Uncle.

Peltiers are just little nightmares (sometimes big nightmares) waiting to happen. I can't stress this enough, but your chances of everything going ok indefinitely are miniscule compared to the chances that the whole thing will flop and take some valuable hardware with it.

If you're brave and have cash to burn (no pun intended) go for it. Otherwise, stay away.