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FOP-38 hacked with 80mm case fan. Does it fit on a Slocket?

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Senior Member
Dec 17, 2000
Seattle, Wa
Howdy. The removal of a Delta 38 screaming Mimi, and replacing it with a ~42 cfm 80mm case fan is the best trick I've seen in a long time. But will the 80mm fan on a FOP-38 that's on an Asus Slocket fit? I could stand losing 2 of the 4 Dimm slots. However, if the Slocket won't seat in the Slot 1...

Anyone tried this? I'd love to know!
most 80mm fans are only about the same depth as the 60mm delta and ys-tech fans, I have this done with a 5mm deep shroud between the fan and heatsink and I still only loose my first dimm on my 3 dimm board and I have the asus s370-dl slocket, you may have to psoition the clips in a higher position than with a 60mm fan as you don't want the fan to rest on the dimm like it did at first on my system becasue apart from the annoying sound fromt the vibration it can't be good for the system.
It seems to me after doing it on just a socket mainboard, that when you install the fan you can actually get it do mount off-center, so perhaps you could try that, or rig a different mounting technique to one end so you can mount it off center and therefore keep the fan off the board and give the slotket clearence.

I use a 80mm with my HS now. Completly noiseless because it´s a silent fan and I´m running it at 7V, still pushing more than the old 60mm ever did. I didn´t lose any dimm´s of my three on my AOpen AX6BC Slot1.

The fan is mounted of center (HS in corner of fan).

before I made a duct I hade mine off center which aided with circulation in the case, I lost a dimm with my 60mm and the 80mm I replaced it with was the same depth, it is still a beast though, at 47cfm it is as loud as the delta but without the whine
Thank you all a bunch for your replies! I'm so glad that I didn't waste $25 for a brand new FOP-38. Can't tell you how much I love the noise of a Delta 38!