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Fop 38 heat problem

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Mar 19, 2001
Im getting 70c idle with the fop 38 and 37c system temp 1.2ghz

currently running at 600mhz do to the heat

someone that has the same setup as me is getting 42c idle with coolermaster dp5-6h51 and he lives in the same climate as me=/

now Im thinking that there is something wrong with my heatsink=/

it is running at the right speed the only thing that I think could be wrong is the thermal past that I got at some computer store but will the thermal past realy make that difference I put it on right=/
I dont believe there is realy a bad way of putting a fop38 on the mobo
Did u remember to remove the little piece of paper/plastic that in on the thermal pad, right?
You could have put the paste on too thick, which would affect your temps. I'd suggest taking the HSF off again and making sure all the residual gunk (that sticky, preapplied compound) is all gone, then put a thin layer of paste on the CPU. At 70C, I don't know what exactly is going on, but @ a system temp of 37C, you may need better case cooling, or a cooler room to work in.

D750 @ 900, System/CPU temps (degrees C)
Idle: 28/41
Load (BurnK6): 28/46
My system temp hasn't gone higher than 31C.
I know, I need to work on my temps as well.

I didnt take the tape off I I just used 2 small drops of thermal past on either side of the chip

do you think lapping it with 2000 grid sand paper would make a big improvement?