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FOP + 80mm fan = LUV

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Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
This noisy Delta fan is driving me CRAZY, and I can't get my Alpha to cool any better than the FOP. The CPU temps were about equal with the Alpha sucking, but the motherboard temps are too hot compared to the GlobalWin. So, I ordered a Sunon 80mm HO (high output) fan that's rated at 42.5 cfm and 36.5 db which moves 4 cfm of air more than the Delta 38 and happens to be 10 db quieter.

Did it work? Yep! Sure did! I messed up my first attempt at assembling the cooler and had to take it all back apart again. Cleaned it back up and used some more Arctic Silver Ultra, then I had no problem getting it on right on the second try. All the thermal paste got squeezed out the first time.

Enough chat! Here are the results.

Computer in my signature was used, but ran at 1015 MHz @ 1.9v instead of what's listed. Load temps measured after 15 minutes of Unreal demo loop. Ambient temp was 20 degrees Celsius.

FOP/60mm Delta 38 fan......MB=32...CPU=39
FOP/80mm Sunon HO fan...MB=31...CPU=38.5

Ok, not a super huge difference, 1 degree drop on the motherboard and 1/2 lower on the CPU, but not too bad. The BIG difference is in the noise level. That shrill airplane whine is gone... YIPPEE! My ears are happy again. My computer is happy. Everyone is happy. Excuse, I have to take my meds now. :)
I see you have an fan grill on your 80mm. Good choice! I learned this lesson (again) the hardway just last night... From now on any high performance fan in my computer is going to have a grill on it-- saves the fingers. ;-)
Sheesh Batboy, the inside of your computer almost looks like mine! I have the Blorb, 80mm fan on a fop, and the same slot exhaust card.
I've gone nuts with the grills and heatsinks. There are grills on the 80mm CPU cooler fan, the 60mm rear CPU exhaust fan (a grill on the back side too), and the 40mm northbridge motherboard fan.

Arctic Silver glued a 10X20mm sink on the ICS clock generator chip, a 25X25mm greenie sink on the southbridge, and RAM sinks on the MX.

There are twin 50mm intake fans in the middle of the case in front (between the drives) and they have chrome grills too. I have a 80mm Sunon front lower case fan that will be replaced tomorrow with a 92mm Panaflow.

Yeah, I got a couple of fans in the case, plus a thermister controlled 80mm power supply exhaust fan and a slot fan next to the video card.
I did the same thing

except with the tiasol heatsink, because it won the review at frosty. i wrapped the sides of mine in electrical tape so the air had to travel into the heatsink rather than just blowing out the sides. it works well. and it isn't high pitched at all.
Would you mind telling me how you secure the 80mm fan onto the heatsink? I was planning to do the same thing but was wondering about this problem.
if i had a camera....

but i don't. i found a peice of aluminim siding at a construction site. Any small metal sheet would be fine. I cut a peice out about the side of a credit card, layed a long edge down and bet the top 1/4 at a 90 degree angle to the rest. in essence making a 3 inch long 'L' shaped peice of metal, the bottoms i screwed right into the sides of the heatsink.. there are holes in a taisol but you can just use a little drill bit and some screws. then i sat the fan on top and drilled holes through it, into my siding.

||||||||||||| =heatsink
L =my bracket
======= = my fan

one side would have looked like this
it made my 'L' backwards when i posted it but you can hopefully get the idea.
Ron, You just use the two metal spring clips that are supposed to hold the 60mm fan onto the FOP sink. You have to pull the clip out farther on the ends and it's a bit harder to clip the 80mm fan on compared to the 60mm fan, especially if the clearance is tight around the socket, but it works quite well and it does NOT require scrounging, designing, constructing, or buying anything extra. I just LUV simple low budget mods that are effective. There is a noticeable reduction in noise level when going from the 60mm Delta fan to the 80mm Sunon HO fan. I had to remove my RAM module in order to clip everything together.
I used the standard clips to attach a 92mm 55cfm fan to my fop38 running at 7v it is nearly impossible to hear and is cooler than my old fan