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FOP38 - Need quieter fan...

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Feb 8, 2001
I recently built my first Athlon system (T-Bird 800, KT7A-RAID etc,) and I bought a FOP38 to cool my chip. Currently I'm only doing minor FSB o/c, and I think the fan is overkill (not to mention loud) I plan to put a 120mm fan in the side of the case over the processor, and would like to know what type of fan I should buy to replace the 7K, hairdryer-like, FOP38 fan for awhile. Also, where is a good source for fans. (Sunon, Panaflow etc.)??
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I can't really recommend anything in particular since I don't really mind the Delta fan that much, but you'd probably want something with the CFMs in the high 20's or low 30's with the db's in the mid 30's range. Hope it helps.
Hi , Try the 7 volt first , it work fine with the Alpha's. You connect the red fan wire to the 12 v (yellow) wire and the black fan wire to the 5 volt wire of your power supply. It runs a lot more quiet and doesn't lose much of cfm !!
I'm not really following you here.....So your saying I can rewire it to make it more quiet???
yes, I forgot totally about doing that... maybe its because I've only read about it but never tried it :) . I can't remember where any guides are, though there is probably one on this site somewhere if you need more information than what heavenly wrote. You are basically giving the fan less power than what its rated at so it spins slower (resulting in less CFMs and dbs). Good luck
I've got a Delta fan here on my PAL, the same fan as on your FOP. I have it wired to a toggle switch so I can switch it between 7v and 12v. At 7v the Delta is much quieter, quite sensible in fact. And temps only rise maybe 2C compared to 12v full-speed operation.

You can get a three-wire, on/on toggle switch at most hardware stores. Wiring goes like this:

- Black wire from fan connects to centre teminal on switch.
- Red wire from fan connects to +12v (yellow wire in a molex connector).
- Red wire from molex connector (this is +5v) connects to left terminal on switch.
- Ground wire (black wire in molex connector) to right terminal on switch.

Now you can toggle between 12v (full speed) and 7v (moderate speed).

P.S.: Running the Delta at 7v keeps my Duron at or below 38C. This is 2C cooler than a Sunon 23cfm fan I tried (running 12v).
thank you everyone for your help, I think i will try the 7v/12v toggle switch idea.....especially since i can't find a decent compu-store that sells anything but the antec stuff. if anyone has knowledge of a guide for this please pass it on...

thanks again...
Aright, found this, I'm sure there are more:

But I have an ABIT KT7A Mobo, and i have to have a fan attached to the fan one header or it will not boot.(not ready to flash my bios yet to turn this feature off) I also like the fact my machine will monitor the fan rpm. My question is this, how/can I do the 7v/12v trick, and still plug it in to my mobo. I think I am gonna repost this in a new thread, so please reply to this, there!!

Thank you
just got this little baby today with some arctic silver. man that thig is loud. although i have to say that i got one side of my case open coz i'm gonna get a new psu. the hsf is nich though i got my tbird 800 @1g without problems looking to go higher. everything has it's price. the price for coolness is NOISE :)