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Fop38 on 80 watt peltier?

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Unfortunatley, aircooling peltiers on high wattage chips is a no go. You may get away with watercooling the peltier with heat-exchange in the process, or just using plain water-cooling.

Aircooling peltiers (like the Swiftech MC-371 does) is a good thing on like P3 700's, but durons take more wattage to cool, which then in turn takes more cooling in order to get the peltier effect working.
No. Your CPU will require a larger pelt and water to cool it. The rule of thumb is the pelt should be at least twice the size as the heat ouput of the CPU. For a hot climate a Swiftech or water cooling are your best options. Bong coolers in particular work well in the heat. It was 106F outside yesterday and 85 inside. Thanks to the bong cooler, my 1.6 gig Bird idled at 32C and peaked at 44C.
that great Colin

Im just trying to make this computer portable and still be able to oc it

im planing on going to alot of lans and am just trying to figure out how to cool thin duron

I may just end up ducking this fop38 and hope it can hit 950
but with the price of durons being so low I may just go for 1gig even at 50c
Funny you mention ducted cooling. I was just talking about this with a friend. John Carcich the retired engineer and thermal measurement genius cools his cpu this way, as does our own John "Hoot" Hill. Sounds like a plan to me! :)