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fop38 tightness

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Mar 20, 2001
my fop38 came in the mail today, i put it on my celeron 633, the clip was kind of tight but pretty easy to put on, how tight should this be? i couldnt move my gorb at all but this thing i can wiggle a little.
Remove it, if you have thermal paste on it, and check the pattern to see if you have a good seal. If the paste on the HSF matches the chip's die, you should be fine.
Yes, the FOP does move around a little on the CPU die, but you should minimize movement because that squeezes the thermal paste off. I've had to reapply my Arctic Silver once because of that reason.
ok, damn this is a loud fan, i never understood why people cared how loud their cpu fan before, now i do... dont the fans normally suck air? i think mines blowin mine at the heatsink, you dont feel air if you put your hand on top of it, the airs blowin out the sides of the heatsink, it came with the 3 to 4 pin attached, im wondering if i should turn cable around so whats now positive would become negative and vice versa.., for now im thinking my gorb actually gave me better performance in a slight way, ive got a celeron 633, so far im stuck at 790mhz going for 950, with the gorb it would get a windows protection error after the windows loading screen, with the fop38 its locking up at the windows loading screen, im doing this at 1.85v, havent done the trick yet to get my bios to allow 1.9