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For all you Electronic Experts: The PSU/peltier question continued.....

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Feb 16, 2001
I just read the last post about this and I was wondering if anyone knows of a switch that I (or we) can use to produce <16amps. I saw some swiches at www.jameco.com and unfortunately I don't know enough about electronics to make that kind of decision.

I will be running Dual P3 850s
Abit Vp6
Dual 80W peltiers/Watercooling kit
CD burner
(4) 75gxp 30GB HDs RAID 10

The problem is Power Supply and room in the case. I don't have room for two PSUs, so what are my other options? This is where all of your Electronic Expertise comes in. I hope ya'll can help. Thanks.

If you want to speak to me directly, and you have Yahoo Messenger, my name is: Architype5
Yes, a power supply switch. Forgive my ignorance on the terminology. I tried my link and it did'nt work for me but if you type in "www.jameco.com" you will get to the site. This is the page with the power supply switch that I am wondering about: http://www.jameco.com/cgi-bin/ncomm...1&prrfnbr=3185&cgrfnbr=780&ctgys=503;528;780;

If you go to the left side of the page and click on general purpose power supplies (I think?), you should be able to see the thumbnails. It's on page 21-30 of 171 and it's the third one from the top. The next one down is what it looks like.

Would a power supply switch work? Since I'm using two 80W TECs does the switch need to be 80W also or at least 160W? The reason a PSU switch looks appealing is because it's smaller than another PSU, and I can power my TECs with 15volts instead of 12v. Sorry again for the terminology if it impaired your ability to answer. Thanks.
For two 80 watt peltiers you'll need more than a 150 watt switching psu. I'd suggest something around 200 watt unless you are going to put a blower on it to keep it cool.

The other problem you will encounter, if your peltiers draw more than the rated current, will be a drop in supply output voltage and a reduction in peltier efficiency.