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For an AMD T-Bird, GeForce 2 or RADEON???

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New Member
Jun 12, 2001
I'm building an AMD T-bird 1GHz and somebody told me the RADEON chipset was better for AMD and GeForce was better for Intel. Is this true? Which should I buy for my AMD?
honestly ,it doesnt really matter , with that processor you will get just about the max out of any video card , but I have a gf2 mx and I think it does great , its up to you
on my t-bird 900 and kt7a m\b the radeon 64 meg ddr card runs great i play a lot of driving games and watch a lot of dvd's on my 22 inch monitor ,i used to have the hercules gforce 2mx the card was great but the radeon in my opinion runs better
The geforce will be faster in 16bit but they are about level in 32bit, also the radeon has envioronment bump mapping as well. Plus dvd playback is better on the radeon so if those features matter go for that, depending on the price you can get them for though I would probabally go for the Geforce 2 or wait and see if a Geforce 3 mx comes out