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For Newbies and others: how to lower your temps by 7C or more very easily

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Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
I've had some spare things lying around...not really spares, a few fans, that I ordered, just never had the time to install them...that was a few weeks ago though. Things have eased up and I was playing with my computer yesterday.

I had a GlobalWin WBK38 on my Tbrid 900@1066, but it was converted to an 80mm Sunon 41CFM fan. I also had a sunon in the front of the case, I think exhausting air, since I didn't have anyhting in the back beside the ps. even with AS II I was still running 52-53C at load, and about 48 idle. Wasn't happy.

Yesterday I took the 80mm off the WBK, and put on a spare 92mm Antec I had...REALLY had to stretch those clips to fit it on, but it can be done. Then I put the 80mm in the back of the case, exhausting, and turned the front case fan around. Also reapplied the AS II on the WBK.

The result of this 30 minutes of work? (Mostly trying to get the 92mm fan on....) I'm not at 42C at Idle, and no higher than 46C at full load (running 3dmark2000).

I was expecting this...and this experience will hopefully be alesson for those with decent heat sinks but no case ventilation : It makes a huge difference. I lowered my temps about 7C all around. And cost? The two sunon fans were a total of 16 bucks, and the antec was one I had, but I got it at compusa a year or so ago for 9 bucks.


my biggest and best cooling mod that I wonder why more people do not do is ducting your proccesor so that it draws cool air from outside the case directly to your proccesor. I can take the duct and side case cover off and the temps will actually rise with the case cover off. With ducting i'm running 5C over ambient with a little lapping and decent thermal compound. I installed a old speaker cover cut down in a square shape to cover the duct's entrance and it looks proffesional as well as looks great. My PC does not have room for big fans so this was my best option. note my thermistor is not touching the proccesor in my socket so my actual temps are 3C to 5C above what ive posted.
Ducting, it does make complete sense.

Remember Ram Air in cars? The principle is to bring in cooler outside air for a denser fuel/air mixture, instead of taking in the hot underhood air.

Obviously theres no mixing iwth CPUs, but the same applies, outside temps will most likely be less than internal temps, so you avoid blowing hot air over you heatsink.

Will have to try that next while I'm still air cooled.

I'm a newbie, so I think I'm missing something. Fans have a "dead zone" in the center b/c of the motor, right? Bigger fans have bigger motors and therefore a bigger "dead zone." Given the way most fans are mounted on heatsinks, isn't the dead zone basically over the hottest part of the heatsink? Therefore, how does a bigger fan (and therefore a bigger dead zone) help cooling? I understand the idea of moving more air but it would seem like most of the air would be too far away from the center of the sink to do much good.
Well two things about the dead zones. First off, the delta 38's have pretty large motors, so on the sunons, the motor isn't htat much bigger, but the vanes of the fan are. And, then larger motors can be offset by higher CFMs, plus a larger volume of air movement. So, yes there is some loss with bigger motors, but higher cfm and a larger volume of air movement can result in having the same temps with a bigger fan as with the delta 38. Usually wth the conversion you'r either at the same temp, a little below, or just a tad higher....but, no noise. So, thats what makes it worth it in my eyes...