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For pelts

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Jan 24, 2002
New Jersey
Im going to buy a 172 watt peltier off of Dangerden and I want to get a power supply for it but I have a question. Under the information for the 172 watt peltier it says VMax 24.6 volts, does that mean that is the maximum amount of volts I can feed it or should I get a power supply that can give more volts, what about IMax (Amps) should I give it more or less? Thnx
For TECs of that voltage, you can feed it 18-20 volts. Giving more voltage gives very little performace boost, but adds alot more heat that needs to be removed by the water system. Do not feed it more volts than it's rated for, that's just asking for a toasted processor (or worse).

As for the Amperage, the device draws the amps from the power supply, and it's always a good idea to have a power supply rated for 10% more than the device will draw. Running a psu at it's max output all the time will make it run hot, and shorten it's life a good deal.

Have a good'n.