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Forcing Direct Connect Through AIM

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May 31, 2001
ok, i need to know of a way to force a direct connect to someone through aim. i heard that u were able to do it through trillian, but i have not found a way to.

heres the deal:
someone made a screen name "i heart (and this girls last name)" and imed her. nothing bad, bit its pretty creepy, so if i can get his ip, i can do a trace, just to see where its from, and maybe find out who it is.

so, if any1 knows any way to force a direct connect, then please tell. and if u know of a good ip tracking site/program, please let me in on that also. thanks a bunch.
i tried packet sniffing, but the AIM server ip comes up, not the persons. and in those packets is only the persons name, not their ip.
Even if I did know a way, I can think of enough malicious uses for that information that I wouldn't post it here.

For every one person with the best of intentions there are 100 more that would use that the wrong way.
nah, netstat only gives u the persons ip when u are allready direcdtly connected.
Yeah I know, I was just thinking that it's like ICQ where it only uses their servers if it can't send directly. Just recently gave in and installed AIM so I'm still kind of learning it I guess.