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Fortron 350 watt PSU and new memory, random reboots :(

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Dec 17, 2002
I recently got new memory (HyperX PC3000) and a fortron 350 watt PSU. Ever since I put these in, I've been getting random reboots. It could be 2 days without one, or it could be 2 hours. I've tried playing with my fsb, memory timings, and voltages for the longest time. Nothing seems to help.

Here is my voltages and rails according to 8rda:


Is anything wrong with these? Could I be getting random reboots because of the PSU? Should I try modding it in anyway? All specs in sig...


May 6, 2003
Mtl Canada
just like that, did you test your memory with memtest?

almost sure there is the problem. use to have the same thing and since i change mem stick, everything's fine

annyway, give it a try, it cost nothing


Aug 18, 2002
I'd check the memory first as well.

You say you just got it? So you have another stick? I'd remove the new memory and just use what you had temporarily. If the system still reboots, then it might be the PSU. If it stops rebooting, then it was the RAM.

Even if they're great brands, you can still get duds once in a while.

- Also, I see you're OC'ed. You could try backing down the OC a bit to see if thats the casue.