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Fortron 350W vs. 530W noise and overclocking results

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Jan 22, 2003
I had an FSP350-60BN. It has served me well and got me the overclock in my sig with 2.1 vcore. I found it too loud for my tastes (I am a silent pc guy), so I put a panaflo L1A in there which kept it nice and quiet. I raised the 5V and 12V rail easily by turning an internal pot. The rails were very solid and showed no fluctuation as tested with my DMM.
I was wondering whether a beefier psu would increase my cpu or gpu overclock so I got an FSP530-60GNAR. I can run the same overclock with this new psu at a lower vcore of 2.03V. My gpu overclock has stayed the same.
Again, this psu was too loud for me (although most people find the noise from it acceptable, even on the quiet side). It has an interal thermister that is attached to a fan speed control circuit board. I moved the thermister outside of the psu (the wires are just long enough) and now the fans don't speed up under load. Its still a bit too loud so soon I'll swap out the fans.
There are pots inside to adjust all the rails. The 3.3V was at 3.4V stock so I left that. The 5V and 12V are adjusted with a single pot. They were at 5.1 and 11.9 stock so I turned them up to 5.4 and 12.4 while running prime 95. The rail adjustment did not change my overclock.
Edit: I should mention something about all this fan swapping in these psu's. I run my psu outside of my case. Its attached to the outside of the back of my case so it gets cool air. If I had a hot case with a psu inside it I don't think it would be safe for the psu to swap fans.