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Fortron 400 problems...

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Apr 14, 2004
I've got a fortron 400w with a 120mm fan in it - Just realized a jump in case temps lately - figured it was just the summer... Just realize that the fan in my fortron is barely spinning at all - maybe a good 40rpm XD

Will the PSU eventually fry without something actively cooling it? I plan on RMAing it unless you guys can think of something which might be causing this to mess up.. It looks like it's trying to turn.. almost like starting a car that just can't quite do it.

****ing hate downtime =(

And yes - this is with the resistor letting the fan spin on max. I did some case moving - although I could have sworn it was slower before.. But it doesn't seem to be working at all really after the move.. Cept for the barely spinning part.

It doesn't make sense that it could be partially starting to move if something rattled loose - any ideas?

EDIT - and now it's working full blast without a problem.. Unplugged all drives cept for CPU fan and plugged mobo back in and now it works without an issue.. I don't get this XD orz
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