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found amd 2800 for sale but

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Nov 2, 2002
I have been patiently awaiting the release of the 2800+ (ok maybe not so patientley but I digress) I check as many of the hardware sites I use per day as I can and finally What I thought was a great thing happened. I found the 2800+ at newegg.com but they want you to buy a motherboard and fan with it or they wont sell it to you. For one all my computers are water cooled and I dont need a fan and two The current build I am working on already has a motherboard.
What do you all think? Should I get another board and just throw the fan in the extra parts bin or should I try to contain my ever strained patients a little longer:mad:
well the only thing i can suggest is to just get the 2700+. do you think you will EVER be able to tell any actual performance difference at all? just save yourself some money and get a 2700+. they overclock nice as well cause they are AIUGB
I think its more of a vendeta now. I want it just because I spent so much time looking for it.
I was wondering howthe dual ddr was going to effect it also,
and I really wanted to play with it just to see what I can get out of it. I probably wont get much more out of it but just the fact that I can try always intrigues me. How far would you bet it would overclock? im would like to see 3000 mhz clock but I doubt I will get there of course I dont like to crank the voltage up too high as I am always afriad of killing things "again". Then again that risk comes with the territory.

I just cant make up my mind and I just may go out and buy a 2700 just to satisfy my patients

you could always try selling the mobo and maybe make up for
the losses. it wouldn't hurt having a spare around :p

hehe, if you got the $$$ buy a 2700+ then when you can buy
a 2800+ alone, get that. AMD may have a higher chip by then as
you could gety a mobo that is better than what u have! unless u have the best alreaqdy.... then you could... like starfox said... jsut sell it:D :eh?: :D
look in the refurb section also.cheap buys there.
id say this is teh worst ploy ive seen newegg do. ive been watching em for a year,i dont order from em couse i like to buy loacally.and trust me i pay alot more doing this.

id get the 2700. i think both will top out about the same.and save some cash also.and save even more by not buying a new mobo.

Booooooooooo !!! newegg.com
but i still like em :)
well whats the price for the combo and whats the price just for the 2800+ if the price isnt to big of a diff, just get the combo and sell it some some guy who doesnt know ne thing about comps and make your difference there, or the mobo might be pretty good, and you can use it as a test board. thats what i would do but its your money do what pleases you.:)
depends on what you have now, at the rate that AMD is going they'll be releasing or rather unleashing barton pretty soon as the 3000+ probly id wait for that and for 410 thats too much for AMD, i know its there last ditch effert but thats still alot, get you could get a bad *** water cooling rig and a 2400+ for less than that, just wait for the barton its got 512kb L2 cache, hypertransport, larger core(better heat dissipation)and a bunch of other goodies, to me its the next real step from the palaminos,

-get watercooled if you dont have it already, or
-if you dont have a chip get a 1600+/2400+, or
-get faster ram(xms 3500 c2)
410 bucks can go allot further than another couple hundred mhs
just wait for Barton you'll be pleased
and welcome to the forums!
tell you the truth man its hard to feel bad for you and your strained patience. i can't even afford to replace the 1600 i broke last week and your talking about spending 410 dollars on a processor... chill out wait a while .. everyone wants it.. when it comes to processors being the first isn't the best. wait for some good steppings..know what your getting.. all those dudes with the original 2100's probably got ****ed when they found out you can get a 1600 to do that no struggle. anyway.. if youve got too much money ill be happy to take some off of your hands.that way you won't have to know which one to buy..
also for christmas. how about feeding 30 or 40 homeless people...you'll feel much better about your self and your strained patience...
whoops i said a bad word.. my apologies. i didn't realize what i typed. and by the way man. i only say that stuff because i wish i was in your positiion
Newegg is in the habit of pulling stunts like this when they get the very newest products. Wait a week or two and you can get the chip without the board. Look at it this way, if Newegg can get 2800+s, so can other vendors.

Newegg is a great vendor but stunts like this do not help their reputation. They also tried something similar with the Asus A7N8x I just bought. It was originally advertised as a preorder for $200. Two days later when it was in stock the price dropped to $150. Price gouging on new products is commonplace, but 30%???
i think there is only one other place you can get them at nutrin or somethin like that and u have to buy it with mobo +hsf there too, but you might be able to find one on ebay, i know there was one on there b4
I've been running Seti on a 2600+ /333 for 3 days now two clicks under 2.5Ghz on air (AX7 w/ Volcano fan) @ 1.85 vcore.

Larry Quinn volt mod kit is on it's way and maybe a WC kit too. Factory multiplier is 12.5 but it runs with 12.0 too without any marks to void my extended 1 year warranty.

I don't know how much more headroom a 2800+ will buy you but they are all coming out of the same wafer.