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Found the Ultimate Torture test for my T-Bird

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Jan 15, 2001
I thought converting to DiVX was much better at stressing a 'puter than Sandra burn-in loops. At least it made mine run a couple degrees hotter. I have now found a new test, it is MAX PAYNE. Got mine all the way to 58c before I started getting booted back to desktop. Had to turn things down to 1500 @ 1.85 from 1575 @ 1.92 to be able to keep playing. First thing thats made me do that. Also was sometimes getting a video freeze, too much hot air around my GF3 I guess. I have an 80mm in bottom front of case suckiing in, an 80mm in side ducted to the Glaciator, a 60mm in back blowing out, and the 92 and 80 on the Enermax psu blowing out. It is HOT here in Kansas and 'puter room is farthest from a/c. Room temp is running in the 76 to 80f range, whick ain't helping. Any suggestions?
Another good thing to run is rc5 or F@H. both stress your cpu, and help out the community.
http://www.overclockers.ws/folding/ . I wouldnt recomend joining RC5 because you arnt realy doing anything accept help some rich guys win some more money. Folding is a project hosted by stanford. They are using distributed computers to fold protiens. Check it out its a great cause. If you have more questions go to the Folding@home section of this forum.
I also noticed that my comp struggled to import an AVI file. Never noticed the temps go up though(wasn't paying attetnion....lol). try using seti@home, folding@home and DiVX at the same time(i'm doing it right now)