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foxconn (austin) ps

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New Member
Feb 5, 2003
I'm looking at a chieftec case at newegg.com that comes with a 450w foxconn(austin) ps for $80. Are these ps of good quality? I have read they were noisy but nothing on quality. I plan to do some overclocking and will have the basic stuff to supply power to. Is this throwing hard earned cash into something I should not?


Jul 14, 2002
Foxconn, Austin = Deer, which put the "K" in "Quality."

You know how components are usually overrated? Like a PSU that may draw 6A max @ 120VAC will contain transistors rated for 10-12A? You'll find this even in super cheap PSUs, but I saw a 250W Deer where they were rated for just 3A.

Oklahoma Wolf

Senior Warranty Validity Sealed Stick Remover
Mar 18, 2003
And that "K" stands for "Kapow" - these are very poorly made units and have been known to take other parts of the system with them. Certainly not a good overclocking choice. I would see if you could get the case with a Sparkle/Fortron unit.