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FPS dropped after OC!

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New Member
Jul 12, 2016
First I'd like to say hi as I just joined this site but I did it most because of a major problem I have with my GeForce GTX 450. So I literally discovered OC and what it does earlier today so I am not experienced with it and almost know nothing about it. It's my birthday very soon and I wished for a new PC, unfortunately my mom told me she won't purchase one for me, so I searched around on the web for a way to make my GPU faster and then discovered OC on a Wikihow site. I read the risks and downloaded all the necessary programs: Heaven benchmark and MSI Afterburner. I followed the recommendation in the beginning to only increase core clock by 10 each time, so I did that for a while until the screen went black in the heaven benchmark - I changed back and proceeded reading the instructions. Later I still wanted to try again and changed back to the speed when my screen went black and this time nothing happened, so I proceeded to increase core clock by 10 until I reached max without seeing any further black screens or glitches or changing the voltage anything. Then, I continued to do the same thing with memory clock (or whatever the name was). In the beginning everything was fine - increased 10 each time and got better and better results, but I got tired and began to increase 20 each time, then 30 each time, then I even increased it by 50 twice and was at 250 (I think) in total and it started to lag and I had lost FPS drastically. I changed back to 200 but the lag was still there so I decided to reset the settings and was worried when the lag persisted. I've tried some simple things such as restarting the PC and uninstalling the programs but without success. So I wonder, did I permanently damaged my GPU or is it possible to fix it, and if so, how? Oh, and I don't only drop FPS in the benchmark, I drop FPS in all games.


"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Go Blue!
Welcome to the forums OCn00b!

Is it possible for you to down load CPU-z and GPU-z and post some screen shots of them running under load? Both programs are free and will give us a visual of what is going on with your rig.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Seems familiar.............

Anyway, system specs would help as Blaylock noted!

What it seems to me is that the card is not stable. No big deal. When you say 'lag' (which for most has to do with network, not FPS), are you seeing some hitching/stuttering on the screen? Please describe more clearly your symptoms. :)


New Member
Jul 28, 2016
This is my new account guys, I couldn't verify my email for some reason. Anyways: the lag is gone and I can play again! Let me tell you what happened - I don't know yet how it happened but I can finally play again!

So after posting this thread I didn't have access to my PC for a while. The day before I could use my PC again I bought GTA V (5) on GameStop. The next day I downloaded and installed it. When the game begins in story mode the first thing I noticed was lag; so I changed all the graphics to 'Normal' (Low) and switched FXXA (or whatever it was) and VSync off. After that, the game were running smoothly. Later, though, I wanted to have higher graphics so I thought that decreasing the size of the window would allow me that. Right after decreasing it a warning sign appear at the buttom, so I opened task manager and force quitted GTA V and was going to open the warning thing, but the mouse cursor was gone and I soon realized that my PC froze. I switched the power off and then back on. When it was starting up I got a little surprised that it said my PC was getting updated but I waited and it reached 100%. After the update the screen went black and some text or commands popped up like 4-6 lines and quickly disappeared, they looked like commands like in command prompt but in fullscreen and bigger size on the letters, after that the screen went blue like it does when it starts and nothing weird happened the rest of the time while starting up. So I opened GTA V again once my PC finished to load and I got a bit surprised and annoyed when another GTA V update were downloaded and installed; the weird thing is that other apps also got updated too. Once the update were finished I clicked story mode and it loaded. So I walk around smoothly without lag and got really surprised when my graphics were on high and without any lag when I literally 10-20 min ago lagged with those. Later I also switched VSync and FXXA back on and changed GTA V to full screen and I was still not lagging. So the conclusion I had was that my GPU got restored somehow to how it was before. But I was interested in what happened so I searched on YouTube for other people playing GTA V with the same GPU not overclocked and compared the graphics and it turns out that I had higher than all of them.

Tomorrow I'll try this in other games as well as trying to increase the graphics even more to see if there is any difference and also check GPU-Z and CPU-Z in case somehow the OC I did somehow returned. Any idea what happened? A graphic card can't simply become more powerful by an update, right?

I really apologize for my bad grammar but I'm very tired and it's very late, I'm going to sleep now. Thanks in advance!