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frame rate drop with sli.

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Apr 19, 2012
yep, I has my answer to the issue.
there are further questions.
#1, why does the system use both cards but only up to 50%?
why does it not simply load it all on to one card?

Good question. It's been that way as far back as I can recall even with two 7600GTs some games would split the work load at 50% and seemed odd.
One of two things is happening.
A. It's just being reported usage wrongly because SLI is simply enabled.
B. The NV driver is actually splitting the load but is only being sourced for a single card from the game therefor cannot go over 50% per card.

Either way it's kinda a bust. SLI is pretty much a dead concept with the power a single 2080 has.


I've almost always run 2 NV cards even if they where different models just to make use of offloading Agea Physx to have increased frame rates in games that supported it.
caddi daddi

caddi daddi

Godzilla to ant hills
Jan 10, 2012
Well, it's just not working out......
My friend came over and gamed it for A bit and when we turned up the graphics settings to where I had them with the 1080s in sli the fps would fall worse than ever and the stutters (?) were awful!!!