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frame times on P3

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Sep 13, 2002
Williamsport, PA
alright i'm on a 1Ghz P3 in a compaq. mom's computer. on p540_BBA5_N_in_water she does over 18 mins per frame with SSE forced on. does this sound right? seems a bit slow to me. chipset is 440BX i beleive if it makes a difference.
emericanchaos said:
on the same protein or even any of the 33pt gromacs?

Gromacs are worth 33 pts??

If so how long do they take to complete?
some of the gromacs are. most of the 540's are. on the machine downstairs they take 18mins/frame or about 18-20 hours.

on this rig at 1666 i get 12mins/frame.
Fever said:

There are some worth 18, 33, 38, 58, 73 sometimes, and I got a few that were worht 143. ;)

I know, I just realized that.


If it takes me like 18 hrs for 400, my frames are like 27 minutes right?

If so how can I turn this sse on?
in your startup folder shortcut, put the file path in quotes then put a space at the end and type -advmethods -forceasm. these flags will tell folding to turn on sse and to pick out gromacs work units that take advantage of sse
"C:\Program Files\Folding@Home\winFAH.exe -advmethods -forceasm"

Like that?