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Freaking PLZ Help.

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Aug 6, 2002
I just tried to unlock my XP 2200. I painted the 5th L3 chip in a U around the hole and i sealed the hole off with tape. It loads, but it refuses to post on anything but 5.5 for the CPU...! Even when I do 12.5/13 it refuses to post. Any thoughts before I destroy my beautiful work!?
um. Your little picture told me just to connect the 5th L3... exactly what I did... and I locked at 5.5...
I unlocked my 2400+ using the method 5th bridge on L3, making a U shape....

it works for me but I didn't tape it
I have a 2200.. it's a Tbred, why the f wouldn't it work. Done it 3 times now, had to clean it off because I can't stand 733 mhz.
Thats what I said if you type in 5.5 on the site and compare it to 13.5 thats the only difference between the 2 (the extra join on the last L3)!!
what mobo are you using?????

that is very weir try filling in the final gap and then connecting the bridgemaybe that is why?
I'm using A7V-266-E. Maaan, Detective, you made no sense last post.. please restate... I have ONLY connected the 5th L3 Bridge VIA a U shape. I don't want to fill the gap... good suggestion but I don't want to add more risks to a supposely simple operation.
it is weird.... it should be easy to unlock with amd xp 2200+/2400+/2600+ .... maybe... they sell you a OC 2000+?

ok.. it is obviously the wrong answer.. the color should be different...
Ok click link I have given and click on "Here it goes directly to brand new interactive Tbred painting guide" where it says select multiplier you wish to have select 5.5 X FSB. Observe on the L3 picture on right it shows 3 bridges on the L3 whereas for a multiplier of 13.5xFSB (i.e. your cpu!) it has 2 bridges! You has made a 3rd bridge on the L3 replicating how to make a 5.5 multiplier!
Uhh. So from the way your saying it, you're saying it's impossible? DUDE, I AM ONLY CONNECTING THE 5TH. NOT THE 3rd, the 4th or the 2nd. ONLY the 5th, so NEITHER of those even get close. Go to the top and click "unlock" that's what I did.
According to this guide it would seem to me if you want all the multis under 12.5 on a XP2200+ then you have to cut the 2 bridges that already exist on the L3 and have only the 5th L3 bridged At present you now have 3 bridges on your L3 - no?
If your cpu has no bridges at present on the L3 apart from your work on linking the last one then there should be no problem if however it already has 2 bridges then obviously they have to be cut. The only way to get a locked 5.5 is as shown - so either you have already got two bridges or somehow you have managed to link the 2 bridges in question as well as the last one!