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free domain forwarding..no banners?

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Dec 16, 2001
Kansas, USA
does any one know were i can get free domain forwarding without banner adds?

I don't want to buy one since i don't think i will be up and running but for another couple of months, but i am hosting a web page with my resume and stuff. i would like to be able to give a possible employer an easy name to remember and not batter him/her wth popups........sorry if this is in the wrong place!
What are you hosting the page on? Do you have access to a box with a static ip?
Apache........my box .........yes

i have it working now with some redirect company, but there are a bunch of popups
Well, if you are hosting it on your own box, with a static ip, then you should just run a dns server on there, handle the domain yourself, and have the domain resolve directly to your box, since your box is hosting the page you want people to see when they go to that domain.
That's kind of a problem....i don't know how to set up a dns server.....do you know were i can find instructions or some reading material (in plain English) on how to do that?

that is why i have been doing the URL redirecting........that way i can just redirect to my ip

by the way this is win2k pro box using apache for win32
dude, if you can set up apache, you can set up a dns server

go to www.dns2go.com

basically you pick out a name, pick a port, and tellit what comp to direct it too

very simple.

oh ya, and if your using like a router, you will need to open the port, i use 8080
Do you guys a have some software which you like......free or cheap would be fabulous........i just downloaded BIND..........sounds like it will work though i like pictures and GUI things......LOL
OK i set it up.......works great.....but i have a prob with my stucture......i'm sure my server is set up wrong.

I have apache root = htdocs

inside htdocs i have subfolder with each users root folder.

IE: htdocs has inside my resume web named jsheyn
so when i was using redirecting i would just redirect to
and htdocs also has a web iside of it called house mods wich is a web page that shows my case modding and such

now that the dns server is set up it doesn't point to the exact subfolder\web........i also have an FTP server set up so each user can ftp in and work on their page. do i need some kind of vertial host set up?
To be honest.. no clue exactly what your looking for... but I recently found a free webhosting site.... I remember seeing something about re-directions on the site... dunno.. but if your interested you can check it out...


A dns server doesn't point to a url, it points to an ip. All you have to do is set up your web server so your urls work the way you want them to as http://ip_address/path/, then once you set up dns, it'll work the exact same way, but people will be addressing your box with a domain name rather than an ip address.