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FREE games for everyone

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Aug 19, 2002
you cant spell stupid w/out SIU
I thought id help some people out and post-a-mo-linkos for those that hate spending alot of money on games. Games like America's Army Operations are a god-send to people like me. People like me buy the MSI GeForce4, just because of all the free bundled games that come with it.

Download.com has alot of games, but if shareware aint for you, try:

Gamehippo.com has all free, but mostly oldies

Gamespy for news and such

Gigex has lots of demos

zapspot looks promising

jumbo looks like an all around good site

here is some more

here is a good one... java games, too

if you actualy like java, theres always yahoo games. i love playing cards online

MSNs got some games, to

heres some more from netscape

heres some more free ones

and if your into emu's, or would like to play some of the good oldie platform games, you can download emulators for free

you can always use Bleem!, too.

if you want some games to play, just do a search in geocities using google, tagging on the end of your search term:


but with the emulators that need an ISO (image of a game) you probobaly need to burn the game itself.

now, heres your chance to make this thread even better: post your favorite download spots.
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Mar 23, 2001
Suwanee, GA
ya nice link but just be careful what you put up im not saying your putting up warez just telling ya to be careful