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Free Server, Worth Messing With?

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Nov 2, 2003
So, my boss bought a ton of surplus computer stuff from a local hospital. Some nice Tripp Life UPS, a couple of rack mount APS UPS, pile of 'all in one' HP computers, and a couple of servers. I was joking with him telling him I am tempted to get a server going. He said go for it. So, I can get a free server. Any point to it? I just looked inside it briefly, dual CPUs, it is an HP rack mount. Only a couple of gigs of RAM, but all it seems to need is a hard drive and OS.

Judging by the age of the other stuff, probably 6 years or so old. Tempting to get it up on a 'Nix just because. Cheaper than gambling and hanging out in bars...

I will look at it again Monday, see if I can find out what CPUs are in it.
Yeah, find out what specs it has, and how loud it is after it gets running. Initial start will likely be loud as hell, but when it's at idle.

You can run proxmox as a free hypervisor or vmware esxi which has a free version, but I can't remember if it allows for multiple CPUs (maybe not). There's also running as hyper-v server too.