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Freesco and folding?

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Senior Member
Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Hi gang,

Anybody use Freesco to share internet connections to your folding boxes?

I have been meaning for ages to get my head around linux networking to set up a router/server, somehow I get all read up, then can't get to do it for a week or two, by which time I seem to have forgotten everything and have to do all the reading over again. So it seems like with that approach I'll never get extra folders online.

So for *ahem* a stopgap I was thinking of using a freesco based router, no tying up decent hardware, just throwing a 486 and ISA NICs at it and it should be good right?

I kinda have the idea that it might end up being more permanent than I intend, but I can be screwing around with linux to my hearts content after I've got my folding flying right?

My network is gonna be a bit byzantine, cable modem, to 5 port hub, to 2 PCs and 1 router 2 Nics to 9 port hub plus BNC, probably 6 running off TP on hub two off BNC to hub, possibly one or two machines plipped off linux boxes ....

Or something like that, I'll tell people it's a kinetic art sculpture or something.

Road Warrior