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Freezer-as-case update

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Jun 17, 2001
right behind you...
Finally got around to trying out the freezer-as-case plan as outlined in my other thread here.

Last night, I cleaned it out after it being closed for better than a year (and damn! was it smelly :eek: ). Dropped in my old PCChips cruncher with the slotketted Celly 400@600. Left the HD in. (Yeah, I know I should have taken it out.) Ran the cables outside, and have been monitoring it via VNC.

Except for the breaker tripping overnight (it's on the same circuit as my wall furnace), I've had no problems. The only temp sensor that Sandra finds reads 8C at full load (17C when I woke up to find the breaker problem), but I'm not sure if that's CPU or case. MBM read 248C for some reason, but I couldn't make it work right before anyway.

It didn't help with further overclocking with CPUFSB, but I wasn't expecting miracles. Just wanted to test a sacrificial rig.

If all goes well, I may substitute another guinea pig this weekend. Probably the P2 400@496 on an Abit VT6X4. I can test for better OC with that one, but the CPU temp probe is dead so no temp readings. If that one goes fine for a few days, I may dump in the P3 1100 and see how the old freezer can handle it (or how it can handle the old freezer).

A few more weeks of testing and I'm hoping to start making some motherboard trays, cable holes, and maybe a monitor stand (outside), and convert it to a bitchin' SETI case. Gotta make it that long without frying anything out, though.

One question: Has anyone run a pelt on freezer-cased CPU? I don't necessarily plan on doing it, but I've been wondering how it would work.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that the CPU is at 2.2V with those temps. Didn't bother changing it back down when I stuck it in the freezer.
I don't want to take credit for it. Others have been doing it for a while. I just decided that the damned old freezer may as well be put to some use. :)

If you happen to know an HVACR tech, I'll bet he/she could refurb a cheap old upright or chest for very few $$$.