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Apr 8, 2001
Here are some of my posts that I just compiled into one post. Hopefully to get any help available.

I'm trying to upgrade my BIOS, and I get some *.bin files to update my motherboard (ABIT BE6 V2) I think there the right ones... but Im not sure. can someone plz tell me which/where I can get the right one.
Intel 440bx

the other thing is that when I try to update my bios with a certain bin file.
(Beh_xu.bin) as I said, I dont know if its the right file. I'm not really good with this updating stuff, I'm new.

Any help?

ok, I'm getting these erros that I cant seem to understand.. how to fix. or change my first error was abuot EMM386 and QEMM so, I didn laod them in the commad ( i made a disk with format a: /s) and I got rid of that problem, now... my NEW problem.. I try toFLASH the bios, I got the properfiles fromf the ABIT website... BER_XK.bin for my BE6v2 mobo. Now, when I try to flash using awrdflash.exe.
I enter the file to load-->ber_xk.bin
I save the bios -> oldbios
and then.. I get
Checksum D0ABH
"THE programs file's part number does not match with your systm."
Proceed Y/N?
--> Y
--> ERROR unknow file type (and I get booted out of program...)


Here are other problems I have, all related globaly to one. Not being able to update my bios (I presume) and having problems with my games and system freezing:

from someone:
BX boards lack the extra AGP multiplier, as well as 4x AGP. Alot of people around here seem to like the newer 815 chipsets made by Abit and Asus.

I'm relatively new to this stuff, I've been absorbing knowledge eversince I've started to have problems with my computer freezing with games, and me getting a system sound like "BEEEEEE"

Now I have an ABIT BE6v2 mobo, and an ATI RADEON 64mb DDR AGP vid card. Now, you just stated above that the BX bpoards dont support agp multipliers... or 4x multiplers.. could that be my problem with freezing games?
No the lack of 4x AGP and the extra 1\2 agp divider is not your problem. Lets start simple.

First check to make sure that the L2 ECC is enabled in your bios. If this is Disabled it can cause your system to lock up during gaming.

Second what are your other system specs? Sound card, cpu, etc...
Is your system overclocked, And if so what do you have for cooling?

jsut mad.
wish i knew that about 4 months ago....also, the problem is you're using the wrong *BIN file....
thats the checksum error....
ok, my system is NOT overclocked.. I tried a while ago through the SOFTMENU 3 but I could not, not even with USERDEFINED. It either put me down in mhz, or 650mhz (normal spped)

System specs:
Abit Be6v2 mobo
128mb 100mhz SDRAM
SoundBlaster 128 PCI
Intel 440BX chipset
FSB = 100mhz
2 network cards.

...Don't know what else to put..
ok, I upgraded to my NEWEST version of BIOS, and I looked into that L2ECC, it WAS ENABLED. and still is.

And my game well, it didnt crash for about 10 min. Then it crashed on the next level. The game is GIANTS: Citizen Kabuto

what else might help me fix my crashign problem?
Does it crash in all the games you play or just Giants? Try some other games as well. Also make sure you have the latest patch (if there is one) for that game, as well as the latest drivers for all you hardware. Get Direct X 8.0 as well.

With everything up to date as far as drivers, it will atleast start to narrow it down for ya. Thats where I always start.

Normally from my experience. Games usually only lock up after a certain amount of time if my system is running to warm. With my system running at 1000mhz, any temps warmer then 28c or 29c will cause games to lockup or not even load.

what are you system temps?
ok, well this problem has occured with numerous games. I've not touched those games b/c I didn think that there was a problem with my CPU. those games are: STARTREK: Elite force (the cutscenes, always), SACRIFICE (in game, more often than not) DIABLO 2 (in game but not often), and GIANTS:citizen Kabuto (almost all the time, in game, I'm lucky if I can get 15 min of gameplay)

I had a GeForce MX 2, and those games froze, so I went and got the ATI RADEON, and they still freeze. So i guess it is my CPU, well computer as a whole.

My system temp is: (well Im using HARDWARE doctor)
I got an error, right away, it said I wasnt getting enough power.. so I lowered the "low limit" value so the beeping would stop.. here they are:

Vcore: 1.68
Vtt: 1.50
+3.3V: 3.50
+5V: 5.11
-12V: -11.78
-5V: -5.19
5Vsb: 5.03
VCC25: 2.53\

CPUFAN speed: 5 114 rpm

SYSTEM TEMP - these are the observed max over about 1 min.

system 1 = 28.5 C
system 2 = 42.00 C
CPU = 31 C
oh, and I have ALL the latest patches and drivers.

(unless after you FLASH yor BIOS you need to re-update your Chipset drivers for some reason, but otherwise its all updated)

.. and it still freezes...
You should check your temps in the bios for a more accurate reading. I see your system temp (well one of them) is at 42c! Thats pretty warm! If thats accurate, you may need to put some extra case fans in your case to run your system a little cooler. I have 3 80mm case fans in mine. One in the drive bays in front of my harddrive, One in the bottom front of the case for intake. And one in the upper back right behind the cpu to exhaust air out of the case.

Also I noticed your -12v voltage is around -11.78.

Did you reformat your harddrive after replacing your Geforce with the Radion?
Oh... I honestly can't remember.. I don't think I did format. I've done it about 5 times alread this year. But right when I changes videocards nah, I don't think so.

I've been reading this on the boards... do I need anything related to a VIA chipset update??? I thought not, but.. when I checked on a web site my model number corresponded to the right MOBO 6A69KA19C = abit be6v2 but the 6A69 part indicated that I haev a VIA something.

6A6LK = VIA VT8371 (KX-133) chipset with Award BIOS v6.00

do I need a VIA update, like so many ppl are getting?

And as another note, what fan should I buy? I have a medium mini tower, and I know there's one slot at the front base ( a big plactic aquare holder) which I figured was to hold a fan. But which fan for a good price should I get?
anothing thing, quickly. HARDWAREDOCTOR the program I used to check the temperatures, says that by default a HIGH TEMP for Vcore is 2.26 and a LOW one is 1.86, mine is currently at 1.68. and I must manualy force the "ow" limit to 1.60 if I don't want to hear any beeping alarms... is my Vcore a problem at 1.68V?
Well first off. I always reformat my drive when I switch different brand video cards, actually I do it even when i switch the same brands. I am a strong believer in fresh installs of windows. And I do it every few months to keep it running really good.

Your board is a BX chipset not a VIA so you do not need any VIA updates of any kind.

Also the default voltage is either 1.65 if it is a cbo chip and 1.7 if it is a cco. But it shoud say default next to which ever one it is.
Why do you use Motherboard monitor. Your better off using the Hardware doctor program that came with the motherboard. It is more accurate in my opinion.

You should back everythng up and reformat and reinstall to get a fresh install of your video card. Then we will know there is no conflict between the ATI drivers and your old Invidia drivers.

I have a PIII Alpha for cooling my chip. I bought it from

It will run you around $55.00 or so. But it is an awesome cooler.
first of all, I'd REALLY rather not format.. AGAIN... I had this problem before I formated, and after. I had the GeForce at that time. before and after. Now plz tell me if there is ANY way around this...

About teh cooling fan.. That's a bit expensive for a fan... are there any other ones that run below 45$ that are really performant?
I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you. I checked out some pricing on Alhpa's. I found a website that sells them for $40.00 or $45.00 depending on which fans you want.

Go to the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page. The cpu cooler you want is called ALPHA 3125S with the dual sunon fans for $40.75 plus shipping and handling. Or you could get the one below the 3215s with the dual YS tech. fans for another $5.00. Its up to you. The YS tech. fans will give you more cfm. But if you just want the $40.75 one it will still work very good. This is the best Heatsink for a computer in my opinion.
Well, I just want to say thanks alot for your supportive help. I'll try to get another fan. I'll probably go to my computer vendor to see what they can offer me, since I dont have a credit card, and my parents hate the idea of buying things online. Well, thanks agian, and I sincerely hope that it is the temperature that is causing my freeze problems.
No problem, I hope that heat is all it is too. I really think it is. You should go to Radio Shack and buy a couple 3" 12v case fans. Put one down in the front in that black holder. And if you have a spot in the upper back of the case put one there to help exhaust air from the case. You should have a bunch of little circles that create a round patern in the back of the case and there should be four other holes in each corner for bolts. That is if your case has a spot for a fan in the back. If not I suppose you could rig something up, Depending on how creative you are. Well good luck and get back to me on how things turn out. I'll give you my email address if you want to get a hold of me.

[email protected]
I have a few frequent system locks while playing games or running seti, I am overclocked and I can reduce speed and this solves the problem, now as far as your problem which is different but I have had some luck by increasing Core voltage,[to proccesor] It sounds like you have a little more cooling mod,s to do that are relatively cheap I took a old HSF cut it down to fit my Northbridge also the same on my Video card gf 2 mx, case fans are a must as bdf24 has recommended, any computer store has these for around 10 dollars , I cut a hole in the side of my case and put a duct to my heatsinkfan for my proccesor and this reduced temps more then any mod I have done, keeping your chip cooler does help with stability. This may or may not be part of your problem but extra cooling never hurts overclocked or not, good luck
Well, thanks all of you so very much.. I just went and got a 5.25" HARDDRIVE cooling fan from STARTECH for 30 bucks. Its the type of fan that takes up a slot for a CD drive in your caseing. I added that. And well, games still freeze. I think I'll have to add more and more fans. hehe, I'll add at least one more. I have room for one more fan on the base of my tower. so I'll go get one and put it there... Ihope that works. but up to now, my games still freeze... I think it has to do with my mobo. I think its screwed up. Perhaps tehre are IRQ conflicts.. but none apparent. (is no prgram says there are conflicts) so maybe there is a defect in the mobo. I'd greatly appreciate any other sugesstions. Also, anyone know how to make sure that there are no IRQ conflicts?