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I dont believe it is an IRQ conflict, But you could go into your device manager and go thru all your devices and check your IRQ's to see if you have three or more running on the same one.

What size powersupply are you running? I know when you first posted your Hardware monitor results I noticed your -12v was running around the high -11v's. That could be part of your problem. My system has always ran a bit over spec. But never under. I know with the V5's any +12v running under 12v's at all can cause games to lockup or kick back out to the desktop.
One more thing, you could try. what is your SDRams cas set to. if you only have cas 3 ram and have it set to 2 sometimes it can cause weird problems. I actually had some generic PC 100 ram once. If I set it to 3 the system would keep reebooting, but if I set it to cas 2 it ran perfect.

Another thing to try is try raising your core voltage a notch up or try raising you I\O voltage from 3.5 to 3.6. It could help.
ok, well I lowered the SDRAM CAS from 3 --> 2 and I upped the I/O and CORE voltage by one increment.. still mygames freeze.

Well, I foudn out something new today. Giants KABUTO, along with probably other games, but GIANTS, works perfectly..in SAFE MODE which means ugly graphics, and NO sounds at all. I figure my problem is related to a certain render type at a certain time.. well any more idea\?
Date: Apr 13, 2001 on 11:53 a.m.
Well I'm starting to wonder if its your video card giving you problems now.

You can tell what size PSU you have by opening up your case and looking inside at your psu. It should have some sort of sticker on it telling you all the specs.
well I got a fan for my 5 1/4 bay drives, and I also have a fan staring directly onto the internal components. It a small fan used for when the tempo is too hot outside.. you know, the standard fan. Anyway, the system temps are down to

SYSTEM 1: 20.5C
SYSTEm 2: 35C
CPU: 27.5 C

Giants seems to freeze alot less, but still after a little whiel it will freeze on me. Then if I try to start the game RIGHT away, the game freezes almost immediatly. I think my vid card is too hot (based on the assumption that high temps wil make your system crash)

Any more thought on this?
You should take some sort of descent size fan like a house fans or even an 80mm fan. and just somehow rig it up to blow on you video card. Then go in and play Giants and see what happens. If it doesnt freeze it is your video card overheating.

I know on my system any cpu temps over 29c games will not even load or they will lock up. This is only while I'm overcloked of course but it just goes to show how much of a problems heat can be.
Well, yeah it sort of looks like the vid card is overheating. b/c as soon as it's been running for a hwile, then it frrezes. and if I run the game right away, it freezes right away, but If I wait a while for the temperatures to stabilize and go back down, then the game will only freeze after a short while.

The other thing that bothers me is that, when I had my GeForce 2 MX (prophet) that vid card would freeze just as well. and now if the ATI rADEON card does that too, then I started to think my mobo had smoething wrong.. but that's just my opinion.

ANymore ideas?
I'm not familiar with the ATI or Nvidia. Do they have an option in there drivers to enable 4x AGP? If so and thats enabled that could possibly be causing your problem? Being that the BX chipsets only support up to 2x AGP.

Just a thought.
yeah, well I talked to some tech support ppl, and they think it MIGHT be that I need anotehr power supply. They think that maybe 250watts isnt enough.
I thought about that but I have a hard time really believing it! I guess if you dont mind spending the money, you could try another PSU. I bought an Enermax 431w PSU a while back. I like it a lot. So far It has taken everything I can throw at it. I think I paid around $90.00 for it.
might sound crazy but did u try removing sound card? or meybe changing slots for sound card.the software that accompanies the sc has caused problems on my system even though its completely different.had to disable a ms dos system to get past it.its a thought anyway that wont cost anything.
well, I have a few days off now, and I'm going to gut the CPU, and put pieces back on one by one seeing if it ever freezes at all, or not. If it does with just the vid card in, then I'm going to scream. Hopefully, there is only some sort of conflict.. and I will solve it this way.

I'll post what I found in a couple of days.
Thanks all of you for your help.
Believe it or not, Almost everytime I put in a new PCI card I have to move it around to different slots a few times to find one that's not conflicting with something.

Only thing is I usually have problems right when windows boots. The hardware either doesnt work right or windows wont boot in all the way.
yeah well, I think there are big conflicts,. I changed the cards around to different slots and there is only about one configuration that everything works (excpet the game freezing)_ and its the one I currently have.

I tried moving the PCI slot that was next to my AGP controller away one slot down, so that if they were sharing IRQ's they no longer were. But then as a result I could not get my LAN working. It would'nt accept the changes. It would but it just wasnt working. Totally weird. The OS registered everything properly (i think) but when I went to use my LAN (NAT software = SYGATE) it wouldnt work.

It seems that with 2 NIC's, 1 sound card, 1 56k modem, and 1 AGP device, the specific slot postiionning that I have them in works, but games freeze. Not I didnt totally gut the whole thing and only put the sound card and vid card yet, I'll get to that in time. But up to now I REALLY think that there is a big IRQ conflict.. even if the device manmager says everything's ok.

Any insight?
Here is what I would do.
1. search for the file msinfo32.exe and run it.
Go into the hardware resources part and then irqs.
Check to see what irqs are used and by what look for 2 things useing the same irq. Irq holder for pci steering does not count.

2.If you have 2 items sharing the same irq then go start-settings-control panel.Click on the system icon.
Click on the device manager tab.At the top the circle for view devices by type should be filled in.
Then go to 1 of the 2 things that are sharing a irq highlight it and choose properties.Under the general tab at the bottom check the disable in this hardware profile box. Reboot and see if your lockup problem goes away. Uncheck the disable box and reboot to enable the device again when finished.

3.Make sure your agp bus is set to run at 1/3 or x1.5 in the bios.
Test for lockup.
4.Do the same as in step 2 to get to the system device manager and go to creative misc.devices.
Disable SB16 emulation.
Test for lockup
5.Go start-settings-control panel.Click on the sounds and multimedia icon. Click the audio tab and choose playback advanced. Choose the performance tab and set the hardware acceleration to basic and apply.
Test for lockup.
6.Get prime 95 and run it in torture test for 1/2 hour if you get no errors then its not cooling or the cpu.
7.Get 3d mark 2000 or 2001 and run the benchmark.
If you get no lockup its not your video or agp bus.
8.Start the game you get lockups with and set it to not use sound. Verify its not by having the speakers on.
If it does not lock its sound card related.
If you still have not solved or found the problem ny this point post back.
wowo thanks alot. I'l be trying all those things asap.

I did the msinfo32.exe and I was wondering do I have to check all of these?

AOpen PCI Modem Enumerator
Intel(r) 82371AB/EB/MB PCI to USB Universal Host Controller
SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus

D-ink DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter

Highpoitn Technology Inc. HTP366 Ultra DMA 66 Controller
Highpoitn Technology Inc. HTP366 Ultra DMA 66 Controller
(yes 2x, but there supposed to be twice)
Creative Sound Blaster PCI 128

Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
Intel 8237AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller

Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)
Intel 8237AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller

as you can see those are the corresponding things that the irq's are responsible for. Now I think I only have to worry about the 10th 11th and possibly the 9th. What do you think?