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Freezone feedback and case question

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Jul 15, 2007
St. Clair Shores, Michigan
I am planning to build a new rig really soon perhaps in the next 1 - 2 weeks and wasn't sure about going all out water cooling. I found out about the freezone products and liked the idea. I think I am going to go with this:


and then a GPU fan better then the stock one that comes with the 8800 gtx.

-Is the freezone CPU cooler worth going or would a high-end fan be better?
-What is a good GPU fan for an Evga 8800gtx?
-If i get a freezone kit, i will have an extra 120mm fan. Can this be placed or mounted somewhere on my case to get an extra bit of cooling?

Case = Antec P180 (black edition)
A high-end fan will be a much cheaper/simpler case to implement into your system and should be an effective soultion to your needs. Look into coolers like the Thermalright Ultra and Zalman 9700. There are others as well that will be quiet and effective.

If you do decide to purchase the Freezone or any watercooling solution for that matter, depending on the product, you may need to install the radiator/resevoirs outside of the case. As well as your P180 should already have all of its fan grills with a mounted fan.
Couldn't i just remove the rear 120mm fan and substitute it with the freezone kit?

This is kind of random, but what online stores have the intel q9450 in stock. The one place i was going to buy i from is now -314 into their backorder list.
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