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Freon Cooling- Articles?

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Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
I got to thinking about this when my dad came home today w/ an AC for my room. He got it at a garage sale for $15 (works like a charm). Anyways, I was thinking what if I could find a cheap mini-fridge @ a garage sale and scrap if for parts for a freon cooler. However, I have been unable to find any detailed info on how someone would go about building one of these. I know little about freon cooling besides that it is evaporative cooling and requires a compressor and some other "stuff" that would be in the fridge. Any info greatly appreciated.
Yeah bro, I have thought about this too. But I think that the best way to set it up would be to refrigerate a reservoir for a water rig. But ya I'm interested in ripping up a mini fridge and going Frankenstein on it.

mechsiah is working on a refridgeration setup. You might be interested. He has a post in this forum.
I am currently in the process of building a freon rig.
*********It is a major PAIN**********

Something like a mini-frig will not work for low temp stuff. They are setup for medium range cooling and can't move enough heat.

To do sub -10C you will need at least a 1/4 HP compressor. This will cost $150 or so retail. 100 or so if you can convince Johnstone Supply your a wholesaler. You will also need to find a condenser, which is not that easy. If you do want one look at old dehumidifiers, they have the right size condenser. Evaporators are easy, just wrap copper tubing up in a cooler.

The biggest problem however is silver soddering it all together. It requires a torch, and skill! I have this old guy who does it for a living teaching me.

There is much more to it!!! If you have any questions that arn't to general, like "how would I build one" I will be happy to answer them.

By the way steve foster's and the xoverclocker.com guys pages don't tell you jack. They just touch on some of the stuff.

If you don't want to spend lots of $$$ and a week of time just buy a stand up frezzer and chill water.