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Frequent Freezing

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Feb 6, 2002
Starke Florida
:mad::mad: I am running Windows XP pro and I am wondering what the damn problem is with it freezing all the time. Please if anyone could help me on solving this frustrating problem I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
Can you give us a little more detail about the problem? When did it start freezing? Did you install a new pci card or install some software?
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frequent freezing

Well I have not installed any new pci's or anything. Everything has been working great but lately like within the past month it would freeze up after a few hours of running then like in the past 2 weeks it has been freezing after maybe an hour. Tonight it froze 3 times within 40 minutes. I was just listening to music, and running my messengers. Anything you know please help.
This should probably be off in "Operating Systems"... EDIT: Jon, you must have been working on that when I was reading, as I posted and it had been moved!

Anyway, WinXP has a lot of nice little frilly features meant to appeal to normal users (yes, even pro), but in reality they just hog system resources. Stuff like the fading windows and special mouse pointers and whatnot... I'm sure they have something here in Operating Systems about this... Shadow's sticky on Windows Tweaks is very informative on general tweaking and performance tips... it may have something in there that would help you. It sounds to me like you're just running low on system resources and you need to free some of them up... a hard drive defrag might not hurt either.
Yeah, I have some cooling software that came with my asus board. It seems that everything is ok but when i am listening to music on winamp and try to run kazaa it will never connect and eventually freeze. I am not sure why. I log on to the net with my direcway satellite modem then my messengers and everything is fine but then if i turn my winamp on before i start up kazaa then it freezes after a few minutes of trying to connect to kazaa. any suggestions?
Go to your control panel and then under administrative tools open up the event viewer and then click application and you should be able to track down what the problem is by the errors listed.You must have administrative privilges of course to view that section.
Well cooling software sends a signal to the CPU telling it to shut down partly. How do u get on the net? DSL or cable? These both use network cards. Cooling software and network cards don't get along very nicely especially if u throw a sound card in the mix. Sound cards i think works by using resources the network card needs.
Try disabling ur cooling software and see if it still freezes. My problem was kinda like urs.
Well the problem has to be concerning the direcway satellite and the kazaa. Because when i sign online with the conventional modem i can get on kazaa just fine. But when i use my satellite modem then it never connects to the kazaa server and then freezes after about 3 or 4 minutes of trying to connect.