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fridge HELP

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Oct 16, 2002
Alright I plan on using a minifridge setup for my water kooling system, but if I was to buy all the parts and put it together now it probaly wouldnt work that well because right now all I would do is stick a plastic tube in there, and have the water go in and out of the mini fridge, But I KNOW its much more complicated than just doing that so I tried searching through threads for info. I read stuff about compressors and guages and Im getting really confused so I would appreciate it if one of you could help me out explaining it to me. Thx for the help:)
lol, you can cool the cpu two ways using the fridge, put your rad/hc in the fridge so you can achieve below ambient temps by having very cold air blown over your radiator, or you can demolish the fridge and use some of the bits to cool the chip by phase change.
Personally, I would just shove the rad in the fridge rather than have go trhrou8ght the trouble of making a phase change setup.
Alright, I have no clue what a phase change is so coudl you explain to me how to do it or give me a link to a website that will I appreciate it
That sounds real similar to my idea, except I am planning on using a full size fridge with a radiator in it.

I will cut 2 holes in the side to run water lines and the power line to the fans, but not until this spring, so it's ready this summer.

Except I will be running 2 rigs on the same radiator, with maze-2s on each CPU.

Putting a rad into the minifridge isn't going to workout good at all. The transfer of heat has to go through air, and thats not good.

We don't know if you are prepared to "demolish" your fridge a bit either.

One way to go: You pick your fridge apart, fold and stick the evaporator(the cold part) into a bucket. Isolate the bucket or keep it inside your fridge. Use the cold water inside bucket for cpu. Be sure that you don't get a kink on the wee tubes of the hose or evap while folding it.

Other way to go. Spray/pour water on your evaporator, collect the water and recirculate it on cpu. Easier task.

Even more other way to go: Dissassemble everything, read BOWMANS tips on how to build refrig setups. Oh, maybe you should read it first and then dissassemble it :) LOL!

Most ppl consider a minifridge not powerful enough to keep modern processors at low temps. They are not optimized for sub zero cooling(wrong gas) and they have a too small compressor, not giving enough volume of gas.