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Fried CPU or MB, need help?

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sgt. york

Apr 20, 2001
Morning everyone. Last night I was modding some thermal probes on my PSU and heatsink and changing my wiring on my box. When I started the system up to check temp reading I noticed that the CPU hit 95c before I pulled the plug. Now if the probe registered 95c I can probably add another 20-30 degrees to that for a true core temp. Since then nothing happens with my system, everything powers up fans, hard drives etc., but I don’t even get a power test. Took everything out except the cpu (memory, graphic card, nic & sound card) shouldn’t I get the test failure beeps when I start up? Is this a pretty good sign the cpu is trash? Does the cpu have to be in in order for the power test to take place or could it be my MB is bad. Appreciate any insight on this one.
I think you may have fried the cpu... Take apart the CPU, clean the core and see if you see any burnt marks. If you used Arctic Silver and got it all over the bridges and stuff, could be another problem why it fried out.

If you didn't touch the motherbaord it should be fine, the best thing to do is just to test the chip for now, and the mobo later. If the chip is DOA, you'd buy the chip first, then inspect the motherboard with that. That is unless, you have a friend that will lend you his system for you to trouble shoot your PC which should be fast.

Dude that sucks

I just accidently killed my Beloved Celeron 900 that overclock to 1333mhz stable.

Life sucks when you kiill a processor.

Lucky for me that FRY have a $89 Duron/MB combo....Wow that is CHEAP :)